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Equestrian Life talks to Sue-Helen Shuttleworth

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sue helen close up - Equestrian Life talks to Sue-Helen Shuttleworth

sue helen close up 150x100 - Equestrian Life talks to Sue-Helen ShuttleworthSue-Helen Shuttleworth is best known as a show producer of coloured native ponies and has produced, competed and qualified for HOYS every year for the last 15 years!    Next year Sue-Helen plans to do more teaching and introduce more new people to the showring.



We got to know Sue-Helen a little more……

Hot Cloth with No.2 Oil Sue Helen 1 300x300 - Equestrian Life talks to Sue-Helen ShuttleworthIntroduce yourself
Hi I’m Susie Shuttleworth. I am probably best known for producing and showing coloured horses and ponies. I also take horses/ponies for breaking schooling and I usually have one or two nice ones for sale. I run show and flatwork clinics all over the country and really enjoy helping people to get into showing.

Tell us about your ponies/horses
The majority of the animals on the yard are coloured native or plaited types but I do have two Maxi Cobs in at the moment also.

What classes do you generally compete in?
I generally compete in coloured/cob classes.

Tell us about your schooling routine
Nothing here is schooled every day. Once up and running with the basics, they are hacked, lunged/longreined and schooled on a rota


What are your favourite turnout tips?
Best turnout tips would be to start with a really clean, well-trimmed horse before applying any products for the sharpest finish. We have an oily rag in the strip bag and just before going in the ring a little Shapley’s No1 oil is applied to the rag and the eyes muzzle and noseband is wiped quickly over as a final touch up.

What’s your favourite showing memory?
Fave showing memory has to be when I was first pulled forward to win HOYS on Del Boy.

Do you have a favourite show or showground?
Fave show is Windsor unless it’s raining!

What is your go-to piece of kit?
Go to piece of kit are my longreins they are waterproof driving reins and my best friend Hayley got them for me a long time ago. They have helped to break and fix a LOT of horses!

Shapleys No.2 Oil Sue Helen Feather 300x300 - Equestrian Life talks to Sue-Helen ShuttleworthShapley’s No2 Oil
We love this product on the yard and use it at least a couple of times per week as it is such a good multi tasker. It is excellent as a hot oil treatment so we can warm a little in hot water or put a few drops into a bucket of hand hot water and apply on a well squeezed out cloth. It really brings the dust and grease to the top of the coat. It especially helps the horses that need regular washing to keep stains at bay by putting the condition back into the hair and helps prevent further stains.

Similarly we use it as a deep conditioning treatment on manes tails and feathers and it can be applied just with your hand or a cloth for this. The smell is amazing and it also moisturises your hands!

When using after work, we use similarly to hot clothing but pay more attention to the girth and sweaty areas to keep the skin clean and moisturised and prevent girth galls. I also like to give them a quick massage as I wipe them over with the oily cloth and pay attention to the poll, pectoral muscles between the front legs, the collar, shoulders and over the bottom and between the back legs.

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