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Mountain Horse Power Guard Team Jacket Unisex

The Power Guard team Jacket from Mountain Horse is a versatile and stylish addition to your equine wardrobe that’s great for on the yard 

IMG 3307 224x300 - Product Reviewsor on your horse. Made with WPS 5000 fabric, it is water and windproof and very durable. It also has lightweight polyester padding which makes it perfect for when it starts to get colder.

The jacket has a two-way zipper, three front pockets with zippers and reflective piping with 360º visibility.

Stretchy cuffs with thumbholes stop any drafts.

Mountain Horse logos on the inside placket and the sleeve add an additional touch of style and the hood is adjustable and detachable.  Inside the jacket there is an invisible zipper to open up the back layer so that emblems can be embroidered or printed on the back.

 I love this jacket, with all the quality you would expect from Mountain Horse, it does not disappoint one bit.  I am a size 10-12 so I got the 12 it fits well, and I have plenty of room for layering underneath.  It is super lightweight, so I haven’t felt like I have a world of coats on my shoulders.  Keeping me toasty and warm but also letting me move around all day teaching, on the yard, riding and jumping in and out of the car.  The cuffs are super soft with thumbholes for added windproofing and warmth.  Due to how light the jacket is I have used it to both layer over and under a Gillet when the temperature has really dropped.  The next stop will be to get it embroidered with my logo.  Mountain Horse designers have thought of everything.


I give this a 10 out of 10IMG 3308 288x300 - Product Reviews


Size: XXS – XXXL

Colour: Navy

RRP: £89








Theragun Prime

After a traumatic motorcycle accident, Therabody. founder Dr. Jason Wersland searched for a solution to his debilitating pain. When Theragun Prime whats included 300x300 - Product Reviewsnothing on the market helped, he designed a makeshift tool that worked, unknowingly creating the first Theragun.  Since then, various models have been released with percussive therapy, massage therapy to pneumatic compression to smart muscle stimulators, the brand offers solutions that can benefit horse riders when it comes to muscle soreness and recovery.  The Theragun Prime is a simplified smart percussive therapy device that prioritizes the essential features you need while maintaining the power and effectiveness of Theragun’s deep muscle treatment. Ease discomfort, soothe tightness and tension and recover faster in seconds.

I have been using the Theragun Prime on my shoulder (I have a 10-year-old rotator cuff injury that causes me chronic pain) I am delighted that the relief has been immense!!  After only two sessions with the Theragun, I have pain free movement at in my right shoulder.  I was absolutely delighted with the results; this comes after years of physiotherapy, acupuncture, resting and even resorting to taping my shoulder up with no or little results.  The device is extremely easy to use and holds its charge for an age.  This little device has swiftly become a favourite in our house, after not riding for a couple of weeks once I jumped back on, I was hit with the next day leg aches, so to test further I used the Theragun on my left leg only, the difference was shocking, my left leg was ache free in no time whereas my right continued to give me ‘the pull’ especially when getting in and out of the car.  My partner has also had some fab results from a frozen shoulder.

Theragun Prime lifestyle 2 300x200 - Product ReviewsIt seems I am in good company with brand ambassadors such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Sir Mo Farah, Real Madrid FC, Manchester City and many more.  There are so many uses for the Theragun I can list them all, however, if you hop onto the website you will see a great how-to guide and that’s not all, Theragun has a dedicated app that will guide you through a tailored routine for your needs. 

I give the Teragun Prime 10/10 




Uvex Sprotstyle Winter Gloves

I have had the pleasure in trying the Uvex Sprotstyle Winter Gloves over the past few weeks.  Not only have I used them for riding, but I have been working on the yard and teaching in them too.  They have a great style and fit well I am normally a size 7 and the Uvex 7 fit is great I have had other gloves that have rubbed on the rein fingers but not with the Uvex ones.  I have had wet hands and the gloves remained gripey and warm.  I particularly like the fact that I can still use my phone screen without taking them off and the cuff is a great size for my wrist without having to overstretch the elasticated seam.  

The Uvex Sportstyle winter riding glove is super comfortable, flexible and breathable, and is ideal for the colder months.  Highly elastic, the high-grip PU glove includes warming Thinsulate insulation and a fluffy inner lining.  The Uvex Sportstyle winter glove provides maximum grip as well as high durability and great comfort. 

Colour: Black or Brown Sposrtyle winter 300x233 - Product Reviews


Sizes: 5 to 11


Price: £37.99 


For further information contact Zebra Products on (01352) 763350 or visit




ELITE EQUINE Rosehip Supplement

The organic joint support for active horses, assists the horses own anti-inflammatory process.

Is the owner of a 29-year-old mare, coming into winter each year has its own specific problems. I had been looking for a supplement to help Abby go into winter in the best possible condition post up The Rosehip company produce a supplement ‘ELITE EQUINE 100% organic rosehips.’ 

So why rosehips?IMG 2473 225x300 - Product Reviews

Rosehips are full of antioxidants that when fed to horses can offer beneficial effects supporting and maintaining joint health and suppleness.  Rosehips have a high vitamin content with the combination of the antioxidant provides support for the immune system.  Studies have shown that galactolipids are present in rosehips, this stimulates the synthesis and restoration of Collagen that assists the natural formation of the connective tissues and Catledge.

Biotin found within rosehips helps to assist and maintain the growth of new healthy hoof. Biotin not only supports healthy hooves and bones, but it helps to maintain a healthy main tail and coat.

Other great benefits include supporting the lungs from exercise-induced bleeding, chronic airway inflammation (COPD). It supports the brain from oxidative motor neuron damage abnormal hormone production.  Helps The muscles from tying up and muscle damage. Supports the joints from joint disease joint friction and cartilage degeneration and supports the kidneys from acute kidney injury.

When looking at all the information and benefits especially for my old lady it seemed to be the supplement that would give the most benefits for my money.

So, does it work?

IMG 2476 300x225 - Product ReviewsAbby at the grand old age of 29 has begun to slow down I notice her stiffness coming out of her stable in the morning and she has a constant swelling of her offside hind from an old injury, she is showing signs of cushions and has always had terrible hooves that like to flake and break, meaning that even in retirement she has still has to be shod all round. After 20 days of feeding The Rosehip supplement, I can honestly say that my mare has a beautiful healthy shiny coat which is something that she’s never had especially at this time of year (quarter marks have always been out of the question).  The first and biggest thing that I have noticed is that she is glowing, something that I never thought I would see without hours of hot clothing, grooming and spray-on products.  Her old injury is not causing her any problems in fact she is bouncing to and from her field every day and that just makes me smile so much. Other people have also noticed ‘how well she looks’ now, honestly the only thing I have changed is the supplement. Longer-term,  I will most definitely be using Elite Equine’s Organic Rosehip Supplement to help my old lady have the best possible retirement that she can.

Check out Elite Equine HERE 




Free Train V1 Vest

The free train running vest to trial for equestrian purposes. We’ve all had the problem of where to put your mobile phone IMG 2586 225x300 - Product Reviewswhen riding or doing yard work, I can count the number of times I have dropped my phone
(once even into a water bucket from my pocket), we’ve all been on this search for a good alternative to saving the phone whilst keeping it at hand. Let’s face it our phones are getting more and more expensive and out hacking especially they come into their own as a safety desert device.


When I was asked to try the free train, my first thoughts were oh just another phone holder strapped to my arm on my leg, I couldn’t have been more wrong, the free train’s nifty little vest design has everything you need to keep your phone safe. With extra pockets to pop your keys into and another to hold enough money to get yourself a drink at the local pub or to hold your lorry key and phone whilst out at competing, the guys at free train of thought of everything.


IMG 2582 201x300 - Product ReviewsFree trains waterproof phone holder is situated in such a place that if I did take a fall it’s going to be one of the most protected places of the body. It is easy to access but it’s safe and secure enough should you need to let go and grab onto the reins for any reason, your phone won’t be hitting the deck.  

if I had to give any recommendations to the guys at free train it would be to give us the option of high vis fabric, although it has reflective accents a full-on high vis version would be a game-changer for us hacking out.


Priced at £29.99


Check out Free Train V1 Vests at



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