Hallamshire Showjumping 16th August
Belle Harvey Glenlichd Fairground 750x440 - Hallamshire Showjumping 16th August
 Emerging from lock down Hallamshire’s first event of 2020 attracted advance entries of in excess of ninety rounds. Such was the relief to be returning to some kind of equestrian sport under the ‘new’ normal, that the restrictions which had to be enforced, pretty similar to those in day to day life, were accepted and welcomed without question.
A move to the single phase Show Jumping was welcomed and riders coped remarkably well with a course of 14 fences. The wet weather not forecast till that evening arrived first thing, unrelenting drizzle from early on with heavier showers later in the afternoon made for testing conditions, however the ground has benefited from winter sheep grazing and recent mowing and there was minimal impact.
Those that fared best over the course and in the conditions were in the majority, penalties incurred were,on occasion more rider error than anything, and all left relieved to have been able to get back out, despite the deteriorating weather, there were some lovely moments captured by Fenwick Photography as riders completed their rounds with big smiles. All thanks to the stalwarts who stood out all day in the rain, calling riders forwards, judging and putting up fences.
We look forward to seeing you all very soon, oh that’ll be September 5th & 6th see Riding Diary.
Report by Alison Lingard
Photos courtesy of Fenwick Photography
Belle Harvey Glenlichd Fairground 1024x680 - Hallamshire Showjumping 16th August
Belle Harvey and Glenlichd Fairground
Christine Illingworth Jazz 1024x680 - Hallamshire Showjumping 16th August
Christine Illingworth and Jazz
Jess Smedley Daddys Girl 1024x680 - Hallamshire Showjumping 16th August
Jess Smedley and Daddy’s Girl
Sam Richardson Target 1024x680 - Hallamshire Showjumping 16th August
Sam Richardson and Target
Sienna Turner Galaxy Dream Girl 1024x680 - Hallamshire Showjumping 16th August
Sienna Turner and Galaxy Dream Girl
EL Sept  Digital banner 728 x 90 - Hallamshire Showjumping 16th August

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