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Equestion – an interactive horse care learning platform at your fingertips

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Learning through App technology

equestion1 150x100 - Equestion - an interactive horse care learning platform at your fingertipsRiders and horse owners of all abilities and levels of knowledge can learn from this unique app which will transform the way you learn about horses. Covering a wide variety of topics, created by BHS qualified instructors, Equestion is a fun and interactive online tool.  As we wait for our normal equestrian activities to resume, what better time to polish up your horsey knowledge, it is sure to relieve boredom. It’s fun and easy to use and you can challenge your horsey friends to see how much they really know about horses too. During the Coronavirus crisis you can get access for free too.


Equestion was created by Lucy Mundy after years of experience as the owner of a riding school and equine assisted therapy centre. Lucy said “I struggled with engaging my clients (especially some of my younger students who were unfamiliar with using traditional books in their studies!) in the theory of horse care. They loved to work with the horses and do practical activities, but picking up a book to learn the principles of feeding? the structure of the foot? recalling the skeltal or digestive system? – that was hard going! I also found that facts really needed to be cemented into memory and the one-off lectures didn’t cut it.  The app has an intuitive ‘smart quiz’ system it knows which topics students need to revise and ensures full understanding and improved memory. Which meant more confidence for my students in their assessments and better results.”

Lucy added “The Equestion learning platform covers all the horse care and riding topics you would find in the BHS exams and Equine NVQ’s at Level 1 & 2. It was created and designed by myself and other BHS qualified instructors, it literally contains thousands of questions across the two levels.”

If you are an instructor or equestrian centre owner, you can you use Equestion to help support your teaching and help your students to feel more prepared for any number of equestrian tests and qualifications. For new horse owners and riders they can learn much needed information to provide the correct care for their horse and improve standards of welfare for all equines. 

With many riding establishments and instructors unable to provide lessons during COVID-19 they can take advantage of Equestion to:

  • Engage clients with online learning by setting them topics to cover.
  • Clients can share their scores direct with you from the app. You can utilise this in many ways, such as incentives or recognition through your social media or mailing list.
  • Equestion is fun and easy to use and is a great tool to help keep engagement and interaction with your clients.
  • Help your exam students get ahead and set learning objectives so they can use this time effectively, and able to start back at the yard with improved knowledge and confidence.
  • Those in isolation will be able to keep focused on something they love (horses!) which helps to improve mental health.
  • Maintain confidence and reassurance that your business is supporting its clients and ensure they return back to you as soon as normal life resumes.

You can download the app from AppStore at: https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/equestion/id1456735059

Be assured Level 1 is free, it will say ‘Buy’ to access the level, as it is usually priced at £7.99 but all charge is removed at present. Level 2 which is even more in-depth, as per Stage 2/NVQ 2 topics and priced at £9.99.

Android? Equestion is available on PlayStore currently at an introductory price : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.equestion

Take advantage of Equestion Level 1 FREE on AppStore during this exceptional time (plus, Equestion is not a subscription app, so it’s yours to own for life) in hopes that many equestrians will take up the offer of improving their horse care knowledge whilst our usual equestrian activities are limited. 

website: www.equestion.co.uk

Instagram and Facebook both @equestionapp

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