Winter Paddock Preparation

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Compact Sweeper 5 750x426 - Winter Paddock Preparation

As the summer draws to a close the threat of muddy, poached and boggy paddocks is looming. To make the most of your land as the weather gets worse, why not invest in a Terra-Vac paddock cleaner to remove autumn debris, droppings and help keep the grass healthy.


Terra-Vac has a range of machinery to suit a variety of tasks and yard sizes. Whether you need to sweep and scarify large areas, or just poo-pick the paddock, there’s a Terra-Vac to help.


Benefits of machinery

Suction machines like those from Terra-Vac provide a number of benefits when it comes to grass and paddock management. Most importantly in the current economic climate is that they are cost effective due to the great variety of tasks they can help with. Once your paddocks are clean you can clean stables, the yard and water troughs too. Regular manure removal helps reduce the need for worming medication and Terra-Vac suction machines can remove 100% of the material on the ground with simple hands-free operation, so you can pick up as you drive along. The machines can also mulch material, reducing the space taken up by a muck heap and producing a quality compost that will make your garden grow! Timesaving, space saving and labour saving, you can keep your paddocks and yard safe and clean with Terra-Vac suction machines.


Compact Sweeper

Sweeping up leaves and debris can be a chore, but the Compact Sweeper is a real time saver. Sweeping up everything in its path, including droppings, paddock maintenance is done in a flash.

Available as petrol, diesel or PTO driven versions, the Terra-Vac Compact Sweeper is easy to use, highly versatile and can be towed with an ATV, tractor or ride on mower. Built using high quality materials and proven components, all Terra-Vac machines incorporate rugged construction and are designed for ease of use with minimal maintenance.


This amazing timesaving machine is perfect for livery yards, private yards or your back garden paddock, so contact Terra-Vac to see how the Compact Sweeper makes life so much easier!





For more information visit or call +44 (0)1440 712171Compact Sweeper 5 300x225 - Winter Paddock Preparation

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