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Winter ailments can have a silver lining!

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Daily Range Shot 750x426 - Winter ailments can have a silver lining!

As the weather cools and winter approaches, the season’s irritating ailments start to rear their ugly heads. Mud, damp and cold combine to create age old problems such as mud fever, bacterial infections and other skin conditions, adding to what is already a difficult, and often unpleasant time of year.

As horse owners themselves and having been faced with winter challenges season after season, the team at Performance Rider are pleased to introduce a brand new range of skin care products, which could be the difference between stress-ful and stress-free this year!

Proven US brand, AGSilver is now exclusively available from Performance Rider in the UK and provides horse owners with a simple, yet highly effective range of products incorporating the historically recognised antibacterial ingredient, Ionic Silver.

Agion Silver is the predominant ingredient in AgSilver products, which is a super-smart ionic material that kills bacteria, viruses and fungi ‘on demand’. By tapping in to this innovative Silver technology’s ability to kill viruses, moulds and fungi, the AGSilver horse care products are effective at preventing and treating all manner of skin irritations including nicks, cuts, rainscald, mud fDaily Range Shot 300x262 - Winter ailments can have a silver lining!ever, thrush and other external wounds that can or have already become infected.

The AGSilver range comprises of Daily and Max Strength antibiotic-free shampoos, powders and wound dressings – all infused with the powerful properties of ionic silver to prevent and protect against a host of common ailments. From the Daily CleanWash, Spray and Talc intended for periodic use, to the Max Strength CleanBalm, Gel and WoundWrap designed to aggressively reduce and prevent the growth of bacterial and fungal organisms, particularly in horses with persistent problems. The AGSilver collection works well when used as a whole system, but equally when used individually for specific problems.

The AGSilver range starts at £9.99 and offers horse owners a simple, highly effective winter-essential.

AGSilver products are available exclusively in the UK from Performance Rider. View and buy online at www.performancerider.co.uk or tel: 01483 346011 for more information.

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