‘Training with Warwick Schiller’ Back for a New Series on Horse & Country

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Warwick Schiller 750x440 - ‘Training with Warwick Schiller’ Back for a New Series on Horse & Country

Warwick Schiller 150x100 - ‘Training with Warwick Schiller’ Back for a New Series on Horse & CountryTop horse trainer, Warwick Schiller, is returning to Horse & Country with a fantastic new series.  With the first episode on air from November 3, this new weekly series is sure to prove entertaining and thought provoking.

Warwick is an accomplished horseman who competed in reining at international level and represented Australia at the World Equestrian in 2010 and 2018. He now travels all over the world teaching people the principles of training horses and ponies of all ages and abilities. 

His passion, enthusiasm and energy to develop a strong connection with the horses he is training, coupled with his ability to break down information into a relatable, easy to follow process enables Warwick to help individuals form a better relationship with their horses.

Thanks to his many years of experience, he is able to cultivate and share a deeper understanding of the foundation on which all successful horse training is built.

Said Warwick: “In my show ‘Training with Warwick Schiller’ I attempt to help people understand that all successful horse trainers use the same principles, whether you are an Olympic gold medal dressage rider or a World Champion reiner.  “You don’t need to be a top trainer to put these principles into practice – they are all achievable for the average horse owner. It’s more of a mental paradigm shift that is needed, rather than attaining new skills.”

The new weekly series is packed with great advice from Warwick and riders of all levels will take something from this intuitive trainer.  You can watch Warwick in action weekly, starting from November 3, on Horse & Country’s web and mobile apps and streaming service, as well as on Sky channel 184, Virgin Media channel 298, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Prime, Amazon Fire, Roku.

Each episode will be available On Demand after the premiere date.

Warwick Schiller 300x300 - ‘Training with Warwick Schiller’ Back for a New Series on Horse & CountryVisit www.horseandcountry.tv to subscribe and watch this fascinating series.

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