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TopChop Alfalfa 750x440 - TopChop Goodness

Which is your go-to TopSpec favourite?TopChop Alfalfa 204x300 - TopChop Goodness

TopChop Alfalfa is a natural product made from top quality British alfalfa, with a light dressing of linseed oil and real mint. TopChop Alfalfa contains no added molasses or any other sugar coating. It is ideal for working horses, broodmares and youngstock.

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TopChop Sport is a very palatable natural product made from a mixture of high-temperature-dried alfalfa and meadow grass species, dressed with a light coating of linseed oil.  It is ideal for horses and ponies that alfalfa chop bitter, perfect for fussy feeders including performance horses.


TopChop Lite 39879 2017 201x300 - TopChop GoodnessTopChop Lite is a natural product made from alfalfa, oat straw, a light dressing of linseed oil and real mint. TopChop Lite contains no added molasses or any other sugar coating.  It is ideal for horses and ponies prone to, being treated for, and recovering from laminitis as well as good-doers and those prone to weight gain.


TopChop zero 2017 201x300 - TopChop GoodnessTopChop Zero is designed for horses and ponies that are overweight and need an exceptionally low-calorie source of mature forage. Horses and ponies can pick away steadily at TopChop Zero when they no longer have access to grass or hay or even haylage.

By doing this they will ensure a supply of fibre to the microflora in their hindgut during periods when otherwise there would be no forage supply e.g. from late evening until morning stables. This will be of huge benefit to the horse’s digestive health.

It is made from British chopped oat straw with added apple flavour and mint to enhance palatability.  An extremely low level of linseed oil is sprinkled on to reduce the ‘fly-away’ nature of the product while limestone is added to improve calcium levels.

TopSpec can be contacted, free of charge, on their Multiple-Award-Winning-Helpline Tel: 01845-565030 or visit www.topspec.com

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