The Top 5 Reasons to Give Online Dressage a Go

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DA tab logo website cropped 150x100 - The Top 5 Reasons to Give Online Dressage a GoAt Dressage Anywhere we believe that dressage should be accessible to everybody and there are a number of benefits beyond receiving a scoresheet and a rosette.

Here’s our top five!


  1. Sustainability
    People are becoming more mindful of how we live our lives and the impact on our environment, looking for alternatives to plastic and fossil fuels, to name but a few. How concerned are you about the number of trips out in your horse lorry or with your trailer? We’ve all got our bit to do and one way you can reduce this is to try competing or training online, in effect bringing the show to you! We work with BD List 1 judges, who are also trainers, to judge all training classes, providing more detailed feedback that you can then work with either between shows or sessions with your trainer.
  2. Expert feedback
    Dressage Anywhere mainly works with BD List 1 and 2 judges and these aren’t usually accessible to many dressage riders. You’ll see them at high profile shows, national, regional and area festival competitions, so how cool is that to get feedback from a panel of judges who really are at the top of their game?
  3. Young horse/old horse
    Competing in online dressage is a great way of trying something out. Perhaps you have a young horse, less familiar with transport and you want to gauge how they’re doing. Or maybe you have an older horse that you don’t want to put through travelling but is quite happy schooling at home.
  4. How’s your training going?
    Do you need to see how your training’s going before you enter a live show? An online dressage competition or training class will give you that opportunity to find out what the judge is looking for and help you to focus on any problem areas.
  5. Build confidence
    A horse is more likely to work better at home in a familiar environment, so competing online gives the rider the opportunity to remove any nerves from the equation and focus on applying their training and how the horse is going at that very moment. Getting a few under your belt can certainly help to build confidence in each other before you travel to a live show.

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