Wifi Struggles? The Internet and WiFi

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JP1 2202 750x440 - Wifi Struggles? The Internet and WiFi

JP1 2202 150x100 - Wifi Struggles? The Internet and WiFiDo you ever sit at home and wonder why you can only get Wi-Fi in some rooms and not others? Does it annoy you when the kids are on Netflix and you are trying to work? Are you screaming at your computer to make it go faster?  Maybe some of these tips can you help you improve the time it takes you to look up a cooking recipe on google or complete the small tasks that take forever to do with slow internet.

Slow Wi-Fi is frustrating, especially when you don’t know what’s causing the problem. People tend to take their Wi-Fi for granted, like their electricity supply: it’s just supposed to be on. But unlike your power, if your Wi-Fi stops working, too often it’s up to YOU to diagnose and fix it.

If you use home Wi-Fi, you need to learn a bit about how the internet works. It’s not like electricity, where you can mostly afford to not understand how the power grid works. Your Internet service Provider is only part of what gets you online.

o 300x203 - Wifi Struggles? The Internet and WiFiI am going to let you into one of the best kept secrets – internet and Wi-Fi are not the same thing! You can have full Wi-Fi signal but no internet whatsoever.

Sounds complicated, and to start with it might seem that way but in short your internet provider has no obligation what so ever to provide you with good Wi-Fi signal that provides good internet speeds, throughout your home, business or garden shed – you pay them to provide internet to your premises and their responsibility ends there.



Any equipment after the telephone socket (master socket) is your responsibility, unless they provide wireless boosters, however no internet service provider guarantees the reliability or speeds coming from these supplied wireless boosters.

Wi-Fi signal can be increased with extenders/repeaters or access points (we do not recommend repeaters unless they are mesh compatible). A wired-in WAP (wireless access point) is one of the best ways you can increase the wireless coverage without losing speed or reliability.

A few top tips we can share with you, after you have got your head around the above.

  1. Something to think about, is how many devices are attached to your Wi-Fi, how old are they and are they all required to be connected?  Bear in mind that many devices connect to your Wi-Fi these days. The list will contain laptops, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, game consoles, Wi-Fi printers, old iphones or tablets and more.

        Well the more devices attached the slower the network becomes so start logging into your  router and taking them off.

  1. Where is your router placed? You need to place your router in a central location, where possible avoiding surrounding metal objects and thick brick or concrete walls. A high position ideally.
  2. Keep your Router updated, like all technology routers use software that needs updating, you can log in to the router and do this manually or by pressing the hard-reset button every now and then.
  3. You could invest in a wireless network; these can be installed by qualified engineers (ensure they are insured and qualified). Here at Black Nova Designs we install Ubiquiti Wireless Access Points in and around businesses and homes.
  4. There is no ‘one fits all’ solution. The router/hub your internet provider gives you is the same generic one they give everyone – not all houses are the same, and not every household has the same demands.

broadband issue image 300x245 - Wifi Struggles? The Internet and WiFiWe always suggest looking at alternative routers that specialise in wireless signal and strength (keep in mind some internet providers do not allow you to use any other router so ask when signing up).

Wireless has always been around, but the requirements we (the public) have for it has quadrupled – we expect Wi-Fi to miraculously run Xbox, Netflix, Facebook, kid’s laptops, cctv and sometimes home alarms and much much more.

The simple router that the ISP (internet service provider) provide is not always ‘man enough’ to cope with that sort of demand.

Please remember if you are struggling with WiFi don’t call your internet provider as they have zero responsibility for your WiFi. However you can call us at Black Nova Design anytime on 01793 210045 for no obligation chat.


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