Team Tottie polo player Anna Ward gives us an insight into what she has been up to this month.

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Anna Ward 8 750x426 - Team Tottie polo player Anna Ward gives us an insight into what she has been up to this month.

Anna Ward 8Hi Everyone,

Hope everyone is well and had a great March! It only seems like two minutes ago I was writing my February diary saying how was it was going so fast and now we are almost in April and I’m saying it again – This year is going so fast!!

I’ve had a great time with getting the ponies back in work – the weather has been amazing and I’ve even bathed them all, for the past four years usually when I’m giving them a ‘make over’ its freezing cold and neither me or the ponies really want to be out in the cold– but this year wow! They are looking great and feeling great too!

Roxy & Brazillia have gone back to the Polo Club and are back in work and have been going really well and have settled back in perfect! Noemi went back and joined them last week so they are all back together having lots of fun and enjoying being around the other horses.

Chalita is still at home with me – which I love! One on one contact with her is proving to be somewhat challenging though she is always looking for her three friends! The vet came last week and said the best thing for me to do with her is keep her at home and start riding her out. The polo club where the other three are have a lot on at this time of year and don’t have the time to concentrate on her one to one, they have over 40 horses in at the moment, so its better for me and her to get back going right and its great for me to get back fit too! – She’s my best horse so I’m so excited to have her back for this season however long it takes me.

My super farrier Darren came last week who’s been corrective shoeing Chalita all winter doing her last set of shoes for the season.

I’ve been enjoying the last few weeks before the polo matches start and last weekend I took Lola my new puppy to the point to point which was great fun, we always go every year – its more of a social thing really I only bet on one horse! It’s great because its really near my polo club so all my friends go and it was a chance to introduce Lola to everyone – I have lots of volunteers this season to ‘puppy sit’ whilst I play so I know she will have a great season!

I went over on Monday to meet with everyone from Tottie and their PR Company who I work closely with throughout the season, the showroom was filled with all the lovely new collection and I am lucky enough to have ordered most of the new collection so I can’t wait for it to arrive. We chatted about all the exciting things we have planned for the season and gave them a good round up of last years spectacular season!

This week the Tottie Spring/Summer collection has arrived! I’m actually not sure what my favorite piece now it’s all gorgeous and over the next few weeks I will be posting some more pictures of the outfits I’ve been putting together on the Tottie facebook page.

Last weekend I did a fun ride for Breast Cancer, which is a charity very close to my heart with having family members and close friends involved. As my polo ponies aren’t fit enough yet and not wanting to risk my life!  I went on Pami who I’ve also been hacking out a lot too!

She was fab although she was a little fresh at the start and tried kicking out which didn’t go down too well but she is only a young horse I was planning on jumping as there are cross country fences dotted about but I didn’t because, well I suppose I lost my nerve with polo being only weeks away I just didn’t want to risk anything! But we went in the water jump – initially in a style what I don’t think anyone had ever seen before – we leaped in and then immediately out – sideways!! Also whilst on only two legs! But they say she loved it! It was also a chance for me and my friend Sam to wear my new Vegas Saddle cloths! We certainly attracted lots of attention! 🙂

I think I had the only horse what wasn’t tired after the ride! Here the picture shows us still whizzing around the car park when we got back to the lorry! 🙂

I’ve been exercising the ponies the last week and they are going really well, the girls who are looking after them are getting them going nice and slowly and are looking and feeling good, I as was riding Brazillia and leading Roxy, Roxy was bucking on the other end of the lead rope at one point! Ha! She is full of it, which is really nice to see.

I’ve just got the last few preparations to get done this next week – my mallets just need my initials on and my tack is off to get repaired so I’m nearly ready for he season start!

Hope everyone has a lovely Easter break

Bye for now
Anna x

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