New saddle fitting aid

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kit 3 - New saddle fitting aid

kit 3 300x247 - New saddle fitting aidThe Perfect Fit Saddle Fitting Kit is a new product on the market and it’s set to take it by storm. For some it will be a life saver.
In its clip close, storage bag, there’s a flexible curve for measuring in 3 vital places, 3 template cards, an easy to follow 16 page instruction booklet, an A4 encapsulated step by step guide and a yellow chalk. The kit retails at £20. There’s also a separate template set for extra horses which retails at £5.
It’s reckoned that more than half the horses in this country are being ridden in a badly fitting saddle. This may cause pain, often resulting in behavioural and performance problems and it can even cause lameness.

The kit shows riders how to measure their horses in three vital areas, over the wither, under the back panels and under the cantle. It also gives important information on how to check other aspects of the fit. The kit hopes to raise awareness of the importance of correct fitting as well as giving much needed information on the subject. With a quick check it’ll allow riders to know if their horse or pony changes shape through the seasons and also if their saddle needs restuffing. If need be, riders can also use the templates to find a saddle to fit their horse.
The kit is endorsed by Olympic Dressage judge, Stephen Clarke, Master Saddler, Dave Johnson and Olympic Vet, Campbell Thompson and by former president of the Society of Master Saddlers and Master Saddler Frank Baines. It’s been enthusiastically received by many in the saddlery world.
The kit is not intended to replace the services of a good saddle
fitter, but, with it, riders can make knowledgeable and informed
decisions about their saddle. For more information telephone Clare
Albinson on 01928 787233, Email: or visit where there’s an online video and forum.

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