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Exciting New Parelli UK Courses For 2012

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ARE you ready to advance your horsemanship education?

Whether you want to learn the secrets of horse behaviour, gain confidence, enhance your riding or groundwork skills, or even follow your dream of becoming a Parelli Professional, the 2012 Parelli UK courses will help you meet and exceed your goals!

Next year, the Parelli Campus at Stoneleigh Park, is offering five courses that are uniquely designed to match a variety of horsemanship skill levels and meet a wide range of equine interests.
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No matter what course you take, you can be assured that each course will help you establish love, language, and leadership in equal doses to develop a partnership with your horse.

Jump head first into the Parelli Program with the Level 1/2 course. From communication techniques to tool handling and how to become a good rider for your horse, this 5-day course will help you accomplish savvy both on the ground and in the saddle. Build your confidence while acquiring skills, overcoming challenges and most importantly… having fun!

Confidence in Riding will help banish your fears and build a dream partnership with your horse. This 5-day Confidence in Riding Course features four core daily learning blocks including a lecture, demonstrations, group get togethers and topic specific learning. Why let fear come between you and your horse when you can easily become a confident leader! Let this course transform your relationship with horses and teach you how to control a disaster, should an emergency occur. Your dreams can become a reality and the Confidence in Riding Course is your ticket to make it happen.

Moving Into Level 3 is for the confident student who is ready to advance in three Savvys: On Line, FreeStyle, and Liberty. This unique course is for students looking to jump start their progress through Level 2 and into Level 3, while unveiling the psychology behind why On Line and Liberty build to FreeStyle! If you have Fast Track Course goals, but need to advance your horsemanship, this course is made for you!

Flex Track now offers another option if you can’t take four weeks at one time for the Fast Track course. These are two-week courses which, like the Fast Track are an intensive study of Levels 1-4 in all Four Savvys. This is ideal for people with busy schedules who can’t commit to a 4-week course, but still want to advance their horsemanship, or qualify for the instructor program.

Fast Track is four life-changing weeks and will accelerate your progress in a very intensive course. This course is designed especially to fast-track confident Level 2+ graduates who have their sights set on achieving Level 4 and who may have professional goals as a Parelli Professional instructor or Horse Specialist.

The 4-week Fast Track program weaves all Four Savvys together and teaches you how to manage your horse’s development in each area by setting daily training goals and measuring the progress. You’ll be taught how to set specific goals and are tracked and mentored through daily and weekly goals, reviews and specially targeted workshops. It is a course in ‘independence,’ teaching you how to plan and take charge of your progress and achievements.

You will learn how to be resourceful, accountable and think outside the box – what we call ‘a lateral thinker,’ which is exactly what you need in order to achieve Level 4 and fulfil the prerequisites to become a Parelli Professional, if that is your desire. This is a graded course! Your final score will be considered as a part of your application to the Parelli Professionals Instructor Course and/or Extern Program.

For more information on each of the UK courses visit www.parelli.com or telephone the UK office on 0800 0234 813.

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