Meet British Palomino Society Chairman and Long Standing Judge Colin Bramley-Robins

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Palomino Society 750x440 - Meet British Palomino Society Chairman and Long Standing Judge Colin Bramley-Robins

Palomino Society 150x100 - Meet British Palomino Society Chairman and Long Standing Judge Colin Bramley-RobinsDo you love showing and have a Palomino horse or pony? Ever wanted to know what judges look for when you are in the ring? Here we talk to BPS Chairman and judge Colin Bramley-Robins on what he looks for in the showing world.

How long have you been a judge and what made you want to become a judge?

I have judged for around 30 years up to county level. I became a judge as a way of giving back the enjoyment which I have had the privilege of experiencing by showing my ponies for many years. I find it very rewarding encouraging people to show their animals.

Are you a breeder or have your bred Palominos in the past?

I have bred Shetlands, PBA and pure-bred Arabs for many years. I had chestnut pure bred and a Palomino PBA standing at stud as well as different Shetland stallions over the years.

What is it about the Palomino and Cream Dilute gene that fascinates you?

I’ve always been attracted to Palominos. You can’t get anything as beautiful on a horse as the sheen they have in the sunlight on their summer coat.

So, when in the ring what is the first thing you look for when judging the classes?

When judging I look for quality and substance. Confirmation has to be good as well. Horses and ponies must cover the ground correctly, a lot of this is down to the handler/rider on the way they show their animals.

What can riders or handlers do to stand out?

All riders and handlers need to be clean and smartly dressed. Handlers need to wear safe and sensible footwear so you can run your animal out. There is nothing worse than a beautifully turned out horse and a scruffy handler/rider.

What are your pet hates?

One of my pet hates is competitors that walk out of the ring if they don’t get placed in the line-up. It is just very bad sportsmanship.

Will you be judging at The BPS National Championships in July?

I will be judging at the nationals this year. I am looking forward to seeing new and long committed members showing their animals.

Why do you think owners should join The British Palomino Society?

We are a very friendly society. We’ve been running for many years and are very committed to helping people with their Palominos and cream dilutes.

For further information on The British Palomino Society visit the website

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