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Hello, my name is Charlotte, I’m an established equestrian vlogger bringing you DIY and training tips all things equine! Welcome to this week’s vlog which looks at how to help prevent metabolic laminitis!  

During this time of year, Vets are inundated with calls from worried horse owners about their horses coming down with laminitis. I have spoken with vets, read endless amounts of published articles regarding this matter and I have drawn my simple solutions to help prevent metabolic laminitis!  Metablic Laminitis is one of the most common types of laminitis which is extremely painful and a potentially devastating condition affecting the hooves of horses. 

Here are some of most useful tips on how you can help prevent your horse from coming down with it! CLICK HERE FOR MY REGULAR VLOG

233333 300x188 -My tips include:

1) Undertake a thorough analysis of your horses work load.
2) Evaluate the levels of sugar/carbohyrates in your horses feed (if it gets one in summer) and adjust the feed accordingly with work load.
3) Strip graze your fields (use electric fence to section off and make smaller paddocks to reduce grass intake)
4) If your horse lives out 24/7 consider asking your farmer/yard manager if you can put a door on your field shelter to keep your horse in at night and on hay.
5) Create a routine; bring your horse in at night/ out during the day or out at night and in during the day. That way, your horse can have a variation in diet without being on high levels of sugar all the time.

‘Riding with Charlotte’ has joined Equestrian Life Magazine as one of our Bloggers and Vloggers and we are thrilled to bring her take on everyday horse ownership to our readers each week and alo feature her in the magazine.  Riding With Charlotte is very much about the horse owner who is learning and educating themselves to the best of their ability and sharing their knowledge, successes and otherwise.  We hope very much you enjoy Riding With Charlotte every week with usEd!
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