Lynn Russell Live presented by Equimax draws in the crowds at Equifest

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Lynn Russell in action at Equifest 750x426 - Lynn Russell Live presented by Equimax draws in the crowds at Equifest

Lynn Russell Live, presented by Equimax, proved to be a great success on the opening night of Equifest, arguably one of the largest horse shows in the country.

In her typical and direct style Lynn welcomed eight participants who were selected from many applications by the team at Equifest, to join her in the impressive indoor arena and benefit from her unique insight into what the judges are looking for in a show animal.

Once the clinic began Lynn selected six members of the audience at random to be ‘the judge’, asking them to explain what they were looking for in each gait on the go-round and during an individual show. This proved to be no easy task and highlighted just how little time a judge has to assess a class and make a decision.  But did Lynn agree with their choice? ‘Well it’s not easy, especially when you are new to judging’ explained Lynn ‘ you have to really know what to look for, a good even gait, forward flowing movement, not over ridden, and then of course there is type and conformation to take into account as well, it’s something that takes a good eye and there is no substitute for experience, I  think it also highlighted how different things look from the centre of the ring as opposed to the ringside’.

During the evening the audience were also treated to an educational but fun session from Virbac’s Senior Veterinary adviser Callum Blair who gave an informative and entertaining demonstration on the importance of knowing the weight of your horse or pony to ensure that the correct worming dose is delivered. Callum invited spectators to guess the weight of six similar height but different types of horses and ponies put across the Virbac weighbridge in the grand arena. The results were interesting, ranging from very close to very wide of the mark. ‘It’s so vital to know the weight of your horse as wormer should always be administered by weight and not height’ explained Callum, ‘incorrect weight assessment can result in over dosing, which is of course a waste of money, or worse, under dosing which means that the animal is not receiving enough wormer to be effective and can lead to resistance’.The Equimax travelling weighbridge at Equifest

The Equimax Travelling Weighbridge, was also in attendance during the show to offer owners the opportunity to have their horse weighed and gain invaluable advice on worming. ‘The stand was really busy all week. Said Equine Brand Manager Tom Blacklock ‘we met many competitors and received great feedback both for the availability of the weighbridge during the show and of course Lynn Russell Live’.

Virbac also sponsored the Equimax/Equifest Ridden Mountain and Moorland Final which was won from incredibly strong competition by Lauren Campion on her Connemara gelding Chilham Aquarius.Chilham Aquarius and Lauran Campion Equifest Equimax M&M Ridden Champion being presented by Virbacs Equine Brand Manager Tom BlacklockLynn Russell in action at Equifest

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