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Karry wins ArcEquine Golden Voucher

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Karry Gardners Tia BethRobinson 2 436x291 - Karry wins ArcEquine Golden Voucher

arc equine image 150x150 - Karry wins ArcEquine Golden VoucherWhen Karry Gardner’s talented 14yo pure bred Lusitano mare Utopia de Santarem (Tia) injured her left stifle last autumn, it heralded months of veterinary investigations and treatment, but still a gloomy prognosis, so after a recommendation from a friend, Karry decided to use ArcEquine‘s drug free, non-invasive microcurrent therapy. Imagine her delight when the newly purchased ArcEquine kit arrived containing a ‘Golden Voucher’ for a full refund of the complete purchase price!

Karry, who lives near Scarborough in North Yorkshire, explains: “I’d spent a lot on Tia, £2500 just for the arthroscopy surgery, but the Golden Voucher win was like a ‘sign’ – it wasn’t just about the money. Tia was a surprise present from my husband following a holiday to the horse fair in Golga, Portugal, where I sat on her and felt there was ‘something’ about her. She was just four when she arrived, along with three birthday cards and three Christmas cards; she means a huge amount to me.”

Karry Gardners Tia BethRobinson 2 300x300 - Karry wins ArcEquine Golden Voucher“My vet has been so negative lately as Tia was definitely not improving. As a result, I’d been feeling very depressed before speaking at length to a helpful ArcEquine advisor and ordering a unit. When it arrived, I initially put the Golden Voucher aside and when I picked it up again later thinking it was part of the instructions, I had to ask my husband to read it before I believed I’d really won!

“That day we put the ArcEquine on Tia for the first time and within half an hour she was chilling at the back of her box with her lip drooping, clearly more relaxed and comfortable. Two days later, she had her teeth rasped and was so laid back she didn’t need the usual sedation. There was an obvious improvement in her left hind within days and we have already started a very careful programme of rehabilitation. I’ve now got faith and hope and I am in a place where I can say – I am going to do this – I am committed.”

To follow Tia’s progress, visit ArcEquine’s online blog at www.arcequinesays.blogspot.co.uk  where updates will be posted in coming weeks.

If you’re thinking of purchasing an ArcEquine microcurrent unit, there’s never been a better time! One in every 200 ArcEquine complete kits purchased this summer will contain a Summer Celebration Golden Voucher entitling the purchaser to a full refund of the purchase price, but anyone can use promotional code GTC2015 at the online checkout for a Summer Celebration £60 discount!  Visit www.arcequine.com/shop

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