Jenny Pitman to Judge at Equifest

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Equifest logo3 - Jenny Pitman to Judge at Equifest

Equifest logo3 300x196 - Jenny Pitman to Judge at EquifestRACING royalty Jenny Pitman is set to judge at this year’s Equifest.

Held on August 17 to 21 at the East of England Showground, Peterborough this phenomenal event promises to deliver five amazing, action packed days.

A former British racehorse trainer and author, Jenny became the first woman to train a Grand National winner, when Corbiere won the race in 1983. She went on to win a second Grand National with Royal Athlete in 1995.

Jenny will be making the difficult decision to find the winner when judging the RSPCA rescue classes and Re-trained racehorses classes.

Said Betsy Branyan of Equifest: “We are delighted to welcome Jenny Pitman to Equifest, she is a true legend in the racing world and a lady who really knows what she is looking for.”

Equifest features the most extensive range of showing classes to suit every type of horse, pony and rider, from heavy horse classes, to re-trained racehorses, coloured classes to miniatures, and unaffiliated showjumping, variety is certainly the key when it comes to this equestrian summer party.

For further information contact (01733) 363500 or visit

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  1. Ala ..relak bro, Zaid ni bukan reformis pun, malah br masuk aje, tak usah dok bela dia la. Masa kita dihentam peluru gas, di pukul cota masa 98-99 dulu, mana si Zaid ni, dok senang lenang. Kemudian masuk PK tunjuk ek..u..dah le pekuatkan PKR tu dulu..itu yg penting

  2. Wow my daughter is competing in the rescue class this year with her boy so will be watching that class, we had noticed the judge was J Pittman and did wonder if it was the jenny Pittman I remember seeing on TV.

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