IronXcell; easy to feed when the going gets tough

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TRM IronXcell 200x300 - IronXcell; easy to feed when the going gets toughCompetition horses need dietary supplementation of B complex vitamins and iron, as these nutrients are required for red blood cell formation and other important metabolic functions relating to exercise. Higher seasonal workloads, often with increased carbohydrate in the diet and reduced access to grazing, lead to increased hind gut acidity, compromising correct microbial activity and B vitamin absorption.

B complex vitamins are water soluble and therefore not stored in the body for any length of time, so ideally should be supplemented on a daily basis. Adding TRM’s IronXcell a premium, iron enriched B vitamin syrup with Sorbitol, to the daily feed provides an excellent nutritional tonic and an effective appetite stimulant.

IronXcell also provides nutritional support following treatment with antibiotics and can be valuable for horses affected by a number of different seasonal ailments.

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