INSURANCE – To Insure or Not!

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Selwyn 750x440 - INSURANCE - To Insure or Not!

Selwyn 150x100 - INSURANCE - To Insure or Not!The strange thing about insurance is we never need it till we need it!  We may be young and in good health, we buy a young horse or a new horsebox and cannot foresee any problems arising. 

However, what price do you place on peace of mind? 


If your horse is getting on in years, your lorry or trailer maybe isn’t as new…. It’s about finding the right cover for your needs.  Here’s a few insurance companies that we feel are worth a follow-up.

The Horse Imporium 300x113 - INSURANCE - To Insure or Not!The Insurance Emporium Horse Insurance

Choose from horse insurance, veteran horse insurance, horse rider insurance and horse trailer insurance. 

They offer a wide range of equestrian insurance products. Tel: 03300 244005



Screenshot 2021 10 20 at 21.02.27 300x123 - INSURANCE - To Insure or Not!Choosing any insurance policy should begin by comparing what is on offer from a range of trusted UK insurance brokers. Time-consuming, but should result in savings or at the very least give you leverage with your current equine broker. MultiQuoteTime offers a facility to compare the cost of equine insurance products for the equine community.

These products include horse Trailer insurance, horsebox insurance, alongside traditional horse and veteran horse insurance polices. Compare the best in this niche with MultiQuteTime.



index - INSURANCE - To Insure or Not!Animal Friends Horse Insurance

Their insurance offers varying levels of cover, from standard horse insurance to mature horse insurance and rider insurance. 

You can even be covered for riding a horse you do not own or have on loan. Tel: 034 457030


Anthony D Evans - INSURANCE - To Insure or Not!Anthony D Evans Insurance

Horsebox insurance specialists since 1990, they have negotiated unique rates for horsebox insurance making it possible for them to keep one step ahead of their competitors with horsebox insurance price, even for clients without a no claims bonus from a previous horsebox insurance policy. Tel: 02476 695812


Adrian Flux - INSURANCE - To Insure or Not!Adrian Flux Insurance

Adrian Flux is one of the leading specialist commercial vehicle insurance brokers in the UK and one of only a few offering a full range of horsebox insurance covers to owners of motorised horseboxes.  Tel: 0800 3698590


Kbis - INSURANCE - To Insure or Not!KBIS British Equestrian Insurance

KBIS British Equestrian Insurance is one of the largest independent horse insurance providers, offering all types of insurance for the equestrian. 

Our products include horse insurance, horsebox insurance, specialist bloodstock cover, personal accident cover, liability insurance for equestrian businesses and equestrian property insurance. or Tel : 0345 2302323


Petplan - INSURANCE - To Insure or Not!PetPlan Equine Insurance

Choose from a range of insurance cover options including horse, veteran, rider, tailored to your needs with a range of benefits.  Tel: 0330 1021658



SEIB - INSURANCE - To Insure or Not!SEIB Insurance Brokers

Choose from horse, horsebox or trailer insurance. 

With more than 50 years experience, South Essex Insurance Brokers have provided specialist cover to suit a vast array.  Whatever your needs their options are comprehensive. Tel: 01708 850000

Create your own affordable equine insurance quote? Their Pick and Choose policies cover horses and ponies from 31 day old foals, through to veteran horses all in the same simple quote system. With an introductory discount of 40% and an extra multi-horse discount of 5% if you insure more than one horse.  Visit their website or Tel: 03300 241580.

Scottish Equestrian - INSURANCE - To Insure or Not!Scottish Equestrian Insurance Services

Scottish Equestrian Insurance Services (SEIS) provides equine insurance for all types of horses and ponies, including much loved veterans. Benefits range from vet fees cover to third party liability.  We can also include cover for horse riders.   Our website allows you to find out more about the horse insurance products we offer, request a quote and arrange immediate cover for you and your horse.  You can also download claim forms and important documents or send us an email.

So, whether you enjoy a weekly hack or enjoy some regular competition, call us on 0345 026 4234 for a quote. Tel: 0345 0264234

Shearwater logo - INSURANCE - To Insure or Not!Shearwater Insurance

Shearwater Insurance was established in 1992 and specialises in Equestrian insurance from horse rider and veteran to equestrian property, private and livery yard insurance and horsebox and trailer insurance and breakdown cover. Tel: 01992 718666


Julie Andrews Horse Insurance - INSURANCE - To Insure or Not!Julie Andrews Horse Insurance

They specialise in all equestrian insurance including horses, trailers, horseboxes, breakdown cover (for both trailers and horseboxes), freelance instructors, freelance grooms, livery yards, riding schools and other equestrian related businesses.  Tel: 01444 708836

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