Horse Rescue Centers to Win Donation

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Horse Rescue Centers to Win Donation

To celebrate International Charity Day Wire Fence decided to give away 100% of their profits made on Sunday 5th September to a charity supporting the welfare of horses. 

If you are an animal sanctuary or charity supporting the welfare of horses and you are in need of additional funds just follow the steps on how to apply mentioned below.

  • Go to Wire Fence’s Facebook page
  • Find their post about this event
  • Share the post publicly
  • Collect as many likes as you can on your shared post until the 5th September.

What is International Day of Charity?

The purpose of this day is to remind ourselves of the importance of giving and to raise awareness of different charitable causes people can get involved with in different ways.

Why is Wire Fence supporting horses?

According to Animal Aid, many horses have to endure abuse and mistreatment – in 2019 alone, 186 horses have died as a direct result of the horse racing industry. Several charities are working on creating safer environments for horses. 

Horses are able to read human emotions based on facial expressions and judge humans’ characters according to their behavior, making them great therapy animals.

Horses have positive effects on the mental and physical health of humans – riding a horse can strengthen the core and improve muscle strength, while horses have a calming effect, reducing anxiety and stress. 


Are you a charity helping horses?

The application for the funds is open to any UK charity supporting the welfare of horses. The donation will be sent to the organisation who gets the most likes on Facebook until the 5th September. More information about this event can be found here.


Do you have a news story to share with us? 

Contact us HERE

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