Hong Kong Launches Online Dressage Competitions with Dressage Anywhere

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New HKEF Logo 2 296x300 - Hong Kong Launches Online Dressage Competitions with Dressage AnywhereThe Hong Kong Equestrian Federation has started their own online dressage competition this month, sponsored by the Hong Kong Jockey Club and run via Dressage Anywhere, the worldwide competition and training website.

‘Hong Kong riders have been competing with us for some time,’ says Nereide Goodman co-founder of Dressage Anywhere, ‘and it is exciting to help set up their own National competition to support the start of the 2020-21 season’.

Over ten years Dressage Anywhere has developed an automated system where riders can upload a video of their dressage test and be judged online, receiving a link to download their scoresheet, which makes it the ideal platform for those competing overseas.

Dressage Anywhere is enjoying working again with Amanda Bond, Executive Manager of the Hong Kong Jockey Club. Amanda was formerly CEO of British Dressage and played a big part in supporting Dressage Anywhere in the early days of its inception.

Amanda said, ‘to keep everyone in our community safe during the pandemic, this new initiative gives us a perfect way to offer dressage whilst our shows are on hold. Having worked with Dressage Anywhere a few years ago, I knew they would provide an excellent solution to meet our riders’ needs. With the sponsorship of The Hong Kong Jockey Club, we are thrilled to be offering all our usual range of classes as well as a monthly team league.’

Dressage Anywhere is also working closely with Angela Kong, Secretary General of Hong Kong Equestrian Federation. Angela says, ‘Online dressage competitions keep all our members, riders and officials connected during the present unusual pandemic period. It is exciting to work with Dressage Anywhere in both the online competition and training on judging online for our local dressage judges.’

Riders based in Hong Kong can view the October schedule here: https://www.dressageanywhere.com/Competitor/EnterCompetition/600.

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