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Gastric Settlers Hickstead - Gastric Settlers

Gastric Settlers HicksteadGastric ulcers are a common problem with all types of horse at different ages including foals, and those particularly in strenuous work such as competition horses and race horses.

A common causing factor is horses with lack of forage due to poor grazing, box rest, stabling and exercise environment. The Ulcers occur in the horse’s stomach when the digestive acids come in contact with the upper part of the stomach lining resulting in acidic ulceration of the stomach wall.

Horses suffering with gastric ulcers tend not to show outward clinical signs they are more subtle such as:

  • • Poor appetite
  • • Low grade colic
  • • Stereotypical behavior (cribbing, wind sucking)
  • • Poor performance
  • • Weight loss
  • • Reluctance to exercise
  • • Poor coat condition
  • • Loose feaces
  • • Excessive recumbency
  • • Attitude changes

Diagnoses of the gastric ulcers will be performed by a vet with a endoscope, placing a camera into the horses stomach to examine the stomach lining. A horse with gastric ulcers will be diagnosed on a Grade of 0-4.

Grade 0 -The stomach lining is intact and there is no appearance of reddening.

Grade 1 -The stomach lining is intact, but there are areas of reddening.

Grade 2 – Small single or multiple ulcers have developed in the stomach.

Grade 3- The stomach has large single or multiple ulcers.

Grade 4-The stomach contains extensive ulcers, which often merge to give areas of deep ulceration.

To support the maintenance of a horse suffering with gastric ulceration, Hickstead Horse feeds offer nutritional support and advice alongside a dietary program to aid recovery and maintenance. First and foremost our Gastric settler formula specializing in ulceration and gastric upset. Gastric settler unique formulation has been specifically designed to maintain a healthy pattern of fermentation in the stomach, reducing the accumulation of lactic acid. Therefore limiting the amount of time that the sensitive gastric mucosa is exposed to the acidity. Our scientific buffering action forms a physical barrier between the gastric mucosa and acidic gastric juices aiding the relief of discomfort and providing the ulceration the opportunity to recover.

Call our advice team on 07939317410 / email for more information on your specific situation or to place a order.

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