Equine photographer commences project to support equestrians

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The Invisible Equestrian Laura Fiddaman Photography 750x440 - Equine photographer commences project to support equestrians
The Invisible Equestrian Laura Fiddaman Photography 150x100 - Equine photographer commences project to support equestriansEquine photographer Laura of Laura Fiddaman Photography has set up a foundation to help support those struggling with their mental health. Having been through a difficult few years of her own, she started talking to fellow equestrians about the problems they were experiencing.
It became clear to her that there are still a huge number of people suffering in silence, or who just simply don’t know where to turn. 
“The project is very much in its infancy, and will develop over the coming months. It’s all about helping you come into your own by taking part and realigning with your heart, whilst encouraging and supporting others to do the same” says Laura. 
It’s not just about mental health, all life experiences are welcomed to join the project. We have already made a positive start and have a variety of invisible equestrians involved. From anxiety to strokes, childhood traumas to fertility, and the challenges of pursuing your dreams; we want to create a welcoming network that can respond to an endless list of subjects. 
Laura Fiddaman Photography is based in East Anglia, and was launched in October 2016. Since then, Laura has gone from strength to strength and strives to create beautiful art for her clients’ homes. In this time Laura has survived blood clots, been through crippling anxiety episodes & in June 2019 lost her heart horse. She is ready to take on this next chapter and help others to see they are not alone. 
You don’t have to be based in East Anglia to take part in the project. Laura is scheduling her sessions across the UK. All she asks is that you are prepared to share your story, and help fellow equestrians find their way. You can find out more about the project and apply to take part at www.laurafiddamanphoto.com/the-invisible-equestrian 
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