Claire Lomas Returns to Osberton International

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Claire Lomas Returns to Osberton International and Scene of her Life-Changing Accident

LEGENDARY fundraiser, Claire Lomas MBE returned to Osberton International Horse Trials for the first time in 14 years after her life-changing accident.

The collision with a tree is well documented and left Claire without the use of her legs but she says ‘a plethora of life experiences and challenges to recount.’

Claire visited the event to speak at a Business Lunch and networking gathering and while there filmed for Good Morning Britain at the tree she collided with.

Over the years her hard work and dedication to fundraising has amassed more than £800,000 and she takes part in the 32nd London Marathon on Sunday.

Said Claire: “It certainly doesn’t feel like its 14 years ago since the accident, it’s quite strange but it’s great to be back.

“Without doubt it changed my life and there were some hard times but I got through them and it has led me on to things that I would never have done, so in a way it’s not a sad thing to me because I wouldn’t have achieved what I have done since.

“Yes at times I couldn’t see a way through, when you ride horses it is all consuming and it left a huge gap. 

“I ride motorbikes, I am learning to fly, I have a wonderful husband and two little girls. I rode really quickly after my accident, 12 weeks but I found it quite boring to be honest.

“Going round in circles when you are used to eventing and jumping big fences and going fast, wasn’t for me and walking and trotting and doing dressage was quite slow in comparison.

“The idea of spending my life in a dressage arena wasn’t really going to give me the buzz I wanted.

“I was really excited when Stuart asked me to talk at the Business Lunch, I have done a lot of venue speaking but this has to be at the top of the list and mean the most to me.

“I think some people expect me to be sad but it is also a moment to reflect in how far I have come on the journey and the days where it all started.”

Added Osberton International Organiser, Stuart Buntine: “I feel very honoured to have Claire back here after all this time.

“She is an amazing and inspirational woman and keeps smiling and giving to so many people and causes.

Picture Caption: Stuart Buntine and Claire Lomas at the tree she collided with 14 years ago.


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