Trojan horse brings EQUEST & EQUEST PRAMOX to TV

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Equest images 1 - Trojan horse brings EQUEST & EQUEST PRAMOX to TVEQUEST® & EQUEST PRAMOX®, the market leading wormers from Pfizer Animal Health will be making a dramatic entrance into the world of TV for the first time, on the back of a Trojan horse. The visually spectacular and educational new advertisement will be aired on Horse & Country TV from the 6th November 2012.

With a brilliantly creative take on the hidden dangers of encysted small redworm, the new advertisement follows the theme of EQUEST’s new print media advertising campaign which features an eye-catching Trojan horse.

Paul Blanc, Pfizer’s equine brand manager explains: “Rather like the Greek soldiers who entered the city of Troy by stealth, hidden within the mythological Trojan horse, encysted small redworm hide in the gut wall over the winter months. They can account for up to 90% of the redworm burden in your horse1. In the case of our advertisement, we strongly recommend that all horses are treated with a product licensed to treat encysted small redworm over the winter, helping to prevent their sudden mass emergence in spring, which can cause life-threatening diarrhoea and colic2. EQUEST & EQUEST PRAMOX are the only wormers that treat encysted small redworm in a single dose.”

The Trojan horse campaign was developed in response to results from the National Equine Health Survey (NEHS) conducted in May 2012. The survey revealed that only half of 1095 respondents wormed their horse with an effective product for the control of encysted small redworm. The remainder either used a product they incorrectly thought treated encysted small redworm or simply didn’t worm their horse or pony at all to control this threat. The most common reason given for not treating for encysted small redworm was that the horse had had a clear faecal worm egg count.

The new Trojan horse campaign follows Pfizer’s highly successful launch of Stable Mate the ultimate, free app for horse owners, which is available free from the iPhone App Store

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