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Jayne Whittaker 682x426 - Start The Season In Style with Whittaker
Jayne Whittaker 199x300 - Start The Season In Style with Whittaker
Jayne Whittaker of Whittaker Coachbuilders

If you are new to the horse scene or looking to update your horsebox there are many aspects to consider before you finalise the details.

Here are Jayne’s top 10 tips to consider:

1, Firstly be realistic about your needs and requirements. Are you looking for a horsebox to travel to local shows or do you need a top of the range luxury vehicle as you are away from home three days a week competing?

2, Next consider what is most important to you, the living area, the horse area or a mix of both. Are you looking for extensive living quarters or do you require the horse section to be the larger of the two?

3, Taking aspects into more detail then consider the level of high-tech gadgets you require in the living area. There is now so much technology available that you can work most of the appliances from a central hub such as an ipad, but this level of sophistication may be much higher than you feel you need.

4, If you are looking to be away from home frequently, the bathroom requirements and water capacity need careful planning. For those staying away less in their horsebox, a smaller bathroom may be all that is required, but a freestanding shower, towel rail and plenty of hot water is a must for those out on the competition circuit all year round.

5, Similarly when it comes to the kitchen area have a good think about what you really need. Do you intend to do a lot of cooking and entertaining in your new horsebox or will it simply be the odd bacon sandwich that you will have time to cook.

6, Making sure the horse area allows grooms and those tacking up to work easily and efficiently needs consideration. For owners with large horses it may be a better option to have the tack lockers under the living area rather than in the horse section, to allow more room for horses to turn.

7, Depending on the size of the horsebox, number of horses it will be carrying and number of people needing a bed for the night, will determine how much storage you require. There are many ways to add extra lockers to your horsebox but this needs thinking about early on in the design stage.

8, When it comes to the paint design for the exterior of the horsebox, does your taste tend towards classic and understated or contemporary and colourful. Remember what you like, will not be to everyone’s taste so choose a design that you are happy to look at every day!

9, It is important to be realistic about your budget. A well made horsebox using the latest materials is what you should be aiming for. Making sure your budget is well spent is key so that you end up with all the necessary appliances and living essentials to meet your needs.

10, And finally take your time to discuss all elements of the design and manufacture process. Buying a new horsebox is a serious investment and making sure you end up with the finished product you set out to buy is a great feeling!

For further information contact Whittaker Coachbuilders on 01777 839086 or visit

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