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Stallion Fertility Helped by Science

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Stallion SPM 20 highres 750x426 - Stallion Fertility Helped by Science

Stallion SPM 20 highres 150x150 - Stallion Fertility Helped by ScienceBlue Chip, the internationally renowned equine feed specialists, and Stallion AI Services Ltd, the UK’s leading stallion semen collection centre, have been working closely for the last two years to develop a feed supplement specific to the needs of breeding stallions. The result of this collaborative research has led to the development of Blue Chip Feed’s newest supplement Stallion SPM-20. Stallion SPM-20 has been formulated to get the best results where it matters- your stallion’s fertility!
The two-year research study conducted by Stallion AI Services included a sample group of both fertile and sub-fertile stallions which were fed Stallion SPM-20 over a six month period, in conjunction with their existing diet. Semen samples were collected and processed for fresh, chilled and frozen artificial insemination (AI).The samples were then assessed for motility (%PLM), velocity and longevity. In addition measurements of concentration and overall viability were carried out using a NucleoCounter SP-100. Fluorescent microscopy was also used to calculate the % live and the overall morphology of the sample.
During the study the active ingredients found in Stallion SPM-20 have demonstrated improvement on sperm motility by up to 20%, improvement on sperm velocity by up to 33% and improvement on overall sperm viability by up to 24%. Throughout product testing, improvements have been seen on both fertile and sub-fertile stallions and proven effective on semen for fresh, chilled and frozen AI.
Stallion SPM-20 aids in ensuring that the sperm travel quickly through the mare’s reproductive system to the oocyte (egg). Whilst improving sperm viability, ensuring that the sperm cell membrane remains intact throughout its journey through the mare’s reproductive system to the oocyte (egg).
Blue Chip Stallion SPM-20 is made with the highest quality ingredients with a 100% natural formulation and includes organic Zinc, which is known to be a vital component of the sperm’s protective formation, organic Copper which is shown to have direct links to both semen quality and libido, and organic Selenium which is essential in the production of testosterone and is essential for normal sexual development.
Tullis Matson from Stallion AI Services reports, “At Stallion AI Services we trailed Stallion SPM-20 on our stallions and found improvement in sperm mobility, velocity and overall viability on both fertile and sub-fertile stallions. We are now recommending that every stallion that comes to us for collection is given Stallion SPM-20”.
RRP £39.95 per 1Kg bucket, for more information visit www.bluechipfeed.com or call 0114 2666200 or contact Stallion AI Services visit www.stallionai.co.uk or call 01948 662 663.

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