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Itch Stop from Net-Tex

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Itch Stop Pack Image 750x426 - Itch Stop from Net-Tex

Itch Stop Pack Image 300x214 - Itch Stop from Net-TexNet-Tex has the answer to all Sweet Itch problems. There are three individual products (which you can also buy in a handy “all in one” pack) If your horse or pony suffers from Sweet Itch, Net-Tex offers complete protection and value for money this summer. You can even pick up a free fly spray!

What should you be using?

Itch Stop Pre Wash 250ml RRP £9.00
A high quality medicated shampoo with added bactericidal and fungicidal agents. Designed for use before applying active Itch Stop products to help cleanse, sterilise and remove any built up debris from the coat and skin. This allows for deeper absorption of Itch Stop Salve when it is later applied. Itch Stop Pre Wash contains gentle cleansing agents and can also be used as a pre and post operative skin disinfectant. It is suitable for horses with fungicidal skin problems as rain scald and other general skin irritations.

Itch Stop Salve Complete 200ml RRP £10/600ml £27
Net-Tex Itch Stop Summer Freedom Salve Complete is an advanced cream which provides complete protection against Sweet Itch, flying insects and biting midges. It instantly stops the itch, scratch and rub cycle. Its soothing cooling action disinfects and sanitises sores. Application is only required once a week making it very cost effective. One 200ml tub should last for 8 weeks. Its weather resistant formula is simple to apply and will not matt in the horse’s hair. Itch Stop Summer Freedom Salve Complete is a patented formulation and is used around the world wherever midges are a problem. HSE approval No. 7833

Itch Stop Twist and Repel 50ml RRP £9.00
This innovative twist up stick is a handy repellent against midges and flies and one application lasts all day. Using the same ingredients as Itch Stop Salve Complete, Twist and Repel soothes and cools instantly. Handy and easy to apply to areas such as the dock, around teats and sheath and around sensitive areas on the face.

Itch Stop Starter Pack RRP £23
Contains 100ml Itch Stop Pre Wash, 300ml Itch Stop Salve Complete and a 50ml Twist and Repel. An ideal “all in one” kit to avoid midge problems before they start. Use all three products as part of a horse care system in April before the midge season really starts. Prevention is much better than cure.

Itch Stop Pouch RRP £26 Special Offer (image attached)
Contains 600ml Itch Stop Summer Freedom Salve Complete and comes with a free 250ml Fly Repellent spray and a sponge. In a handy re-useable pouch that is easy to store and keeps your products neatly together.

itch stop 600 250ml fly spray 300x214 - Itch Stop from Net-Tex

NET-TEX: www.net-tex.co.uk
Stockist information/help line 01474 813 999

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