Haygain HG One, the perfect choice for horses that travel

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HGONE with Hay 750x440 - Haygain HG One, the perfect choice for horses that travel

HGONE with Hay 150x100 - Haygain HG One, the perfect choice for horses that travelHorses are highly sensitive to dust and mould particles therefore excessive inhalation of these could lead to breathing problems, both short and long term. The longer the distance travelled, the greater the chance of problems occurring even under the most seemingly ideal travelling conditions. Respiratory conditions can be very damaging to a horse’s performance, so it is crucial that preventative measures are applied with precision and care.

Haygain is the only scientifically proven way to purify hay and eliminate 99% of the dust particles, mould, fungi and bacteria that can cause irreversible damage to your horse’s respiratory and digestive health therefore, it is recommended to feed Haygain steamed hay at home, on the road and away at competitions.

the one 1 chopped 266x300 - Haygain HG One, the perfect choice for horses that travelHaygain steamers come in a variety of sizes suitable but it is the HG One that is ideal for riders who frequently travel and stay away at shows. The lightweight and compact design fits on a lorry with ease and sits neatly outside the horse’s temporary stable making feeding easy. Steamed hay is also incredibly palatable so if your horse can be a fussy eater away at a show then the HG One is a must.  For riders who travel to international shows, where they sometimes have to feed local hay, steaming can ensure that there are no contaminants to irritate the respiratory or digestive system.

International dressage rider, Louise Bell who recently took her HG One to the VR Classics World Cup Dressage, Neumünster Germany where she was competing in the Grand Prix, commented; “I never leave for a competition without my HG One steamer. My horses travel with freshly steamed hay and I take a few haynets pre-steamed as it lasts for 24 hours. They arrive at their destination hydrated, healthy and ready to compete and Dynamo eats up all his steamed hay during the show too! Haygain is an essential part of our travelling routine.”

Haygain steamers are delighted to be able to offer the opportunity to “Try before you Buy” on their range of steamers. To take advantage of this offer just call the Haygain customer service department on 01488 854005.

Haygain HG One £725.00  Find out more at www.haygain.co.uk

HorseHage Equestrian Life Banner - Haygain HG One, the perfect choice for horses that travel
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