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Bonanza for Eventing fans on Horse & Country

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Paul Tapner 750x440 - Bonanza for Eventing fans on Horse & Country

Paul Tapner 150x100 - Bonanza for Eventing fans on Horse & CountryFingers crossed, it looks as though eventing could be starting up again in the not too distant future. To whet your appetite for the return of live competition, Horse & Country has a wealth of new programmes featuring some of the very top names in the sport, as well as extensive highlights from two of the world’s top 5 Star events.

First up, the latest episode of The Check In features Jenny Rudall in conversation with Jude Matthews, CEO of British Eventing, and Paul Tapner, Badminton winner and Operations Director at the Event Rider Masters. Jude updates us on preparations for getting the sport back up and running and the protocols that have been put in place before a final decision to run is made. She also confirms, to the relief of many, that people will be able to bring their dogs.

Paul talks about the agonising decision to cancel the entire ERM series for the year and how, difficulties aside, it’s turned out to be the right call. That said, he can’t wait to get up and running next year and explains how the adrenalin rush of counting down to the start of a live broadcast in many ways parallels the excitement of the start box. He also recounts the various initiatives he’s been involved in during lockdown, ranging from the #RidersConnected campaign, through to his and his wife Georgina’s attempt at the Koala Challenge.

For those looking to improve their own riding, look no further than our new one-hour long episode of Training with Pippa Funnell. Episode 1 was one of H&C’s most popular programmes ever and the quality is maintained in this new show. We join Pippa at the Windrush Equestrian Foundation training days where she works with pupils Max and Will on some bigger fences, and teaches the whole group how to lunge and long rein.

Finally, for those looking for a reminder of the thrill of the sport at the very highest level, we have two great Box Set collections of highlights from two of the world’s premier three-day events; Badminton and Kentucky. Both sets cover the period 2013-2017 and feature Andrew Nicholson’s famous Badminton win with Nereo on his 36th attempt, and Michael Jung’s back to back treble at Kentucky from 2015 – 2017. The Badminton Box Set is available on demand now, with Kentucky following next week.

You can watch all of these programmes on H&C+. And The Check In with Jude Matthews and Paul Tapner, as with all episodes of the series, is free to view online or through our apps. To find out more visit horseandcountry.tv

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