TopSpec Electrolytes

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helping horses drink in hot weather

TopSpec tubs 2017 electrolyte dec 1 150x100 - TopSpec ElectrolytesTopSpec Electrolytes are designed to help compensate for electrolyte loss after heavy sweating, feeding them correctly will benefit the horse.

This high salt formula is fabulously flavoured with wildberry.  Some minerals are also called electrolytes.

This is because when dissolved in body fluids they carry spare ions which give them an electrical charge. Electrolytes use this charge to help control the water balance in a horse, trying to maintain a sufficiently hydrated status at all times. Electrolytes also play an important role in muscle function and through their role in hydration, both temperature regulation and the transport of nutrients and waste products throughout the horse’s body.

If electrolytes are not added to a horse’s diet many problems may occur including dehydration. Dehydration can be life-threatening and is frequently performance limiting, with colic and ‘Tying-Up’ the most well known consequences.

A horse has only to become mildly dehydrated in order to lose performance, sometimes reported as a lack of stamina and slow recovery rates. TopSpec Electrolytes should always be added in addition to any salt already in the diet and not instead of that salt. The addition of salt to the diet should be sufficient for horses only sweating lightly. Salt-licks should always be available 24/7.

Divide the daily amount equally amongst meals and mix well. It is recommended that this electrolyte preparation is used for at least two days after sweating.

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