Equi Energy. Horse Power For Good.

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muck heap 150x100 - Equi Energy. Horse Power For Good.There are estimated to be 847,000 horses in the UK, producing 7.4 million tonnes of manure each year.

Equi Energy have developed a waste management solution that enables us to recycle horse muck into calorific biomass fuel, displacing a fraction of fossil fuels used within the UK’s energy mix.

Yards all around the country generate a huge amount of waste which can be a nightmare to remove. Many yards have developed various ways of removing muck heaps but this can come at a cost. Equi Energy has found a way to make muck removal cheaper and greener meanwhile addressing its functionality for electricity producing potential.

Equi Energy provides the full service from collecting to producing the biomass fuel. Once the muck heap has been collected, it is taken to their processing facility where it is dried, mixed and compressed into a small pellet, ready to be utilised within a biomass boiler or biomass power station. Their service has been designed with the equestrian community in mind. As horse owners themselves they understand the struggles and costs associated with traditional muck heap removal.

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muck 169x300 - Equi Energy. Horse Power For Good.Equi Energy provides a solution for yards and equine owners around the country, by making muck heap removal a pain-free experience.

They offer various options for all types of yards, for those who have the space to accommodate a container, they can provide this and collect once full or they offer a grab and load service if a container is not a viable option.

Their intention is to make this service available to yards all across the UK, for a fraction of the cost of what you may already be paying for muck removal. Essentially, Equi Energy is saving you time and money and you are helping to make a difference to the bigger picture. 

The UK is beginning to move away from fossil fuels and shifting to renewable sources such as this. The Renewable Energy Association’s June 2019 report suggests that bioenergy could triple from the levels we see today to 16% by 2032.

Typically, biomass fuel is made from wood, but this has thrown up some trouble. It has been scrutinised for not being as green as made out to be, with some plants having to ship wood in to stay functioning. Consequently, the air miles add up and ultimately makes the whole process far from being green.

If horse manure pellets could be used to replace or reduce the use of imported wood in the UK, then it would be a step in the right direction to reducing our emissions.

An additional positive to generating biomass fuel from horse manure, is enabling the country to produce and source our own renewable energy. This is something that is becoming increasingly important and necessary to assist in the sustainability of our energy production.

More and more people are eager to see the UK become self-sufficient and therefore the more horse manure that can be collected and pelletised, the more likely we will be able to bridge the gap between the UK’s energy demands and the current renewable energy production.

Equi Energy harnesses the power of horse manure to promote a circular economy within the equestrian world, and in doing so, contributes towards powering the UK’s renewable energy system.

This concept has the potential to assist the UK in reaching our goal of net zero emissions by 2050.

To find out more about Equi Energy and the areas they cover or to discuss collection from your yard, go to www.equienergy.co.uk



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