Zoetis Brings Risk of Encysted Small Redworm to Life with Blippar

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Zoetis Logo 750x426 - Zoetis Brings Risk of Encysted Small Redworm to Life with Blippar

Zoetis-LogoZoetis is bringing the risks of encysted small redworm to life using Blippar ‘augumented reality’. The company has used the new technology for its latest Trojan Horse advertising campaign to help drive home important messages about managing encysted small redworm this winter. Every Zoetis Trojan horse advertisement can be transformed into a captivating educational video using the Blippar app on a smart device.

The advertisement highlights the hidden dangers of encysted small redworm with a play on the Trojan horse tale, which involved Greek soldiers entering the city of Troy by stealth, hidden within the mythological wooden Trojan horse. Encysted small redworm are also capable of concealing themselves inside a horse. Untreated, they may develop and emerge en masse from the gut wall in the early spring, causing diarrhoea and colic with a mortality rate of up to 50%.1

Penny McCann, Zoetis equine brand manager explains: “We hope that by bringing our campaign to life with Blippar we can capture the attention of horse owners and help them to understand the risks of encysted small redworm over the winter months. They can actually account for up to 90% of the redworm burden in your horse but won’t show up in a standard faecal worm egg count.1“

The veterinary recommendation is that all horses should receive a treatment for encysted small redworm during the late autumn/winter, regardless of their faecal worm egg count.2,3” It’s crucial to remember that even if your horse’s faecal worm egg count is negative you must still treat for encysted small redworm before the early spring, to protect your horse from this deadly parasite.

To use Blippar simply download the free Blippar app, which is available on all platforms and scan the Zoetis Trojan Horse. Learn more about the Zoetis encysted small redworm awareness campaign at www.esrw.co.uk and test your knowledge before discussing the best treatment options with your vet or Suitably Qualified Person (SQP). The site contains an informative video, a quick quiz and a helpful advice leaflet that can be downloaded.

For further information, visit www.wormingyourhorse.info. You can also download Stable Mate, the horse health management App from Zoetis. It is available from the iPhone App Store and Google Play Store: text Stable Mate to 80800 to download. (Standard network charges apply. By responding to this text you are consenting to your data being held either within or outside the EEA and processed by or on behalf of Zoetis to administer and manage any matters relating to Zoetis’s future activities or initiatives. For our full privacy policy visit www.zoetis.co.uk)

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