Young horse title for Yorkshire rider

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Shearwater Champion 493x426 - Young horse title for Yorkshire rider

Shearwater Champion 300x262 - Young horse title for Yorkshire riderThe final of the Shearwater Potential International Dressage Horse Championship took place at the Espayo National Dressage Championships yesterday (16 September). The classes are for four and five year old horses and are intended to identify potential equine stars for the future.

Essex-based Paul Hayler with his own and Peter Space’s Lonswelt claimed the four-year-old title with Dan Sherriff as runner up with the huge Dance of Decadence, owned by Rachel Ablett. In the five-year-old class, Erik Theilgaard took the title ahead of hot favorites Becky Moody and Carinsio. Erik impressed with Kristina and Karin Rausing’s big-moving Shadow Line.

The four came forward for the final judging in front of a capacity crowd. Under the watchful eyes of Susanne Baarup and Eddy de Wolff Van Westerrode and ridden judge Andrew Gould all were put under the microscope. It was the final ride which proved the most influential and the judges were brave with their final assessment. In a tense few moments, they made the bold decision to award Becky Moody and Carinsio the overall Supreme Champion title. And then Daniel Sheriff was handed the reserve title. The horses initially placed second in their age groups ruled the day based on their rideabilty and general way of going.

A delighted Becky said; “It’s been an interesting few days! He’s an awesome horse and I really believe in him. If I’m honest, I was hoping to come out on top yesterday but it’s so satisfying for him to be put up today. I think it’s his rideablity that made the difference today, he’s loose and supple and even if he becomes tense he still shows off well. We were runners up last year but that we always knew we couldn’t win as Farouche set the benchmark but to claim the supreme title this year is simply fantastic.”

Owned by Partick & Anne Moody and Julie Lockey, Carinsio is by the prolific stallion Painted Black and Becky is looking forward to bringing him on for the future; “He’ll contest six year old classes next year as well as Medium and Advanced Medium. I just need to get him out more to chill and take in the atmosphere. He needs to learn to stand still! He’ll stand to halt in a test but outside that it’s a challenge. He’s a long term prospect and I’ll give him time to fulfill his potential. He’s so easy that it’s tempting to push him too much.”

Runner up Daniel was equally delighted, if not a little surprised. “This is only his second show as he’s so big we’ve given him as much time as possible to mature. His temperament shone through today and I’m really pleased the judges were so brave in their decisions. To come to a show like this is an honour and we’re so excited about this horse’s future.

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