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Year-Round Mud Issues – Natural Protection With Ruggle-it

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Ruggle It Mud Fever 269x300 - Year-Round Mud Issues – Natural Protection With Ruggle-itDoes your horse struggle with mud issues, scabs and sores during winter as well as the warmer months? Want them cleared up pronto before the wet ground retards your horse’s naturally ability to replace its natural protective skin layers? With the wet summer this year, many sore pasterns and legs have not properly healed – so acting fast is key.

Skin often becomes affected during wet and muddy conditions when it cannot escape the relentless damp which gives bacteria and fungi a foothold to live and breed whether on the legs or on the back.

But what’s gentle on sore skin, successful and will not break the bank? Try Mother Nature’s Ruggle-it!

Starter Packs combine a 100% natural vegetable oil blend and a pioneering soap-free shampoo – the combination can help with an incredible 18 issues affecting horses, donkeys and pets including those frightening mud-related issues (scabs never need picking!), mane and tail rubbing, summer itching, mites, flies and midges, minor wounds, scabs, crusty lumps, fungus, hot skin, pet fleas and even head lice. So it pays to keep some handy on the yard and at home all year round!

Ruggle-it products are truly gentle and suitable for nearly any animal or human skin – without any harsh ingredients such as Parabens, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or Tea Tree that often sting and can cause other skin irritations.

Said Emma Whittaker of Preston, “Disney had very nasty mud, heel and pastern issues from years of being hobbled before I got him, but since your oil, shampoo and probiotics his legs are fantastic – now he has soft, healthy skin on all four legs (and full feather again). And Romeo hates flies – but he just smells the oil and turns around saying “Put some here!”

For masses of in-depth testimonials and information on the Ruggles & Stopitall Ltd natural product ranges including probiotics and arthritis products, visit www.karenruggles.co.uk or call 01823 259952

asset 728 90 - Year-Round Mud Issues – Natural Protection With Ruggle-it
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