World’s Oldest Horse Enjoys Dengie Diet

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Dengie logo - World’s Oldest Horse Enjoys Dengie Diet

Dengie logoShayne, a 51-year-old liver chestnut gelding, hit the headlines earlier this month with claims that he was the world’s oldest horse. His photo was splashed across the media as this charming golden oldie displayed his fabulous physique for all to see.
Dengie nutritionist Tracey Hammond was delighted with Shayne’s elevation to pin-up status because she had been providing nutritional advice to Shayne and his stablemates at the Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary, Brentwood, Essex, for five years.
“Like most old horses, Shayne has a bit of arthritis and some dentition problems, but he is in pretty good shape doing well on his diet of Hi-Fi Senior and Alfalfa Pellets fed as mash,” said Tracey. “I visit Remus regularly to review the horses’ diets and to offer help and advice to Sue and her fantastic team of staff and volunteers.”
“Dengie’s range of high-fibre feeds is perfect for all horses and ponies, but for older ones like Shayne who struggle to chew, Dengie Hi-Fi Senior is perfect. It combines high temperature dried grass and alfalfa, is particularly useful as it is soft and easy to chew, and can be used to completely replace the forage part of the ration.”
The 15hh gelding is making the most of his laid-back retirement at the 40-acre sanctuary, run by founder Sue Burton. He arrived in 2007 and, although he did not have a birth certificate, his previous owner gave his birthdate, and his age has been verified by medical checks.
For further information on the Dengie range of high-fibre feeds and supplements, log on to Nutritional advice for older horses is available from the Dengie Feedline, telephone 0845 345 5115. For further details on the Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary, log on to

Shayne, 51yro Horse

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