Willow Banks Puissance 2017

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MBP8169 2 750x440 - Willow Banks Puissance 2017

MBP8169 2 150x100 - Willow Banks Puissance 2017There was great jumping throughout the day with the evening classes taking centre stage.




Connair Invitational Masters

  • 8 invited competitors
  • Elimination if a accumulative total of 12 faults are reached
  • Each competitor selects 1 jump to go up 5cm before they jump
  • Winner is the lowest score over 4 rounds. Jump off if the scores are tied

Round 1 

Saw the last fenced been raised 5 times.  Fence 1, 2, 3 also raised.  All competitors jumped clear to progress to the next round.

Round 2

Two competitors got knocked out in this round, the last fence been the most popular to be raised again.

Round 3

Saw a smattering of faults across the board but all progressing to the final round with under 12 faults.  Fence 3 been the most popular to be raised in this round.

Round 4

All the fences now been raised a minimum of 2 holes from the first round with the last fence been raised to 1.48m  Joss William riding Coolmoor Prospect  and Sarah Kirwin riding  Ekorette  both completed with 0 faults.  Sian Kirwin riding Everton B just had the very last fence down to finish on 4 faults.  Finishing 3rd

Jump off

Sara Kirwin jumped first with a very quick round, but lowering fence 6 to finish on a combined score of 4 faults in a time of 41.05. Joss Williams was last to go on Coolmore Prospect and they jumped a faultless clear round to take the class in a time of 40.22. 

1st Joss Williams    Coolmoor Prospect

2nd Sara Kirwin      Ekorette

3rd Sian Kirwin      Everton B

Thomas Bell Novice Puissance

7 Starters took on the Novice PUISSANCE.  Starting at 6ocm this was a great class for novice horses.  Every horse cleared the first two rounds with ease.  Round 3 saw 3 competitors get knocked out leaving 5 to progress to round 4.  3 more getting knocked out in this round the wall standing at 1.21cm.  Round 5 saw Louis Jebson riding Harley and Avril Cassells riding Justin A var Korna take on the wall now standing at 1.27m.  Avril jumping first clearing with ease this horse and we are sure will be in the main Puissance next year!  Louis put in a very gutsy performance having a run out and coming round again clearing the second time with ease.  Avril took the win and £60 plus a Thomas Bell show rug.

1st Avril Casselles    Justin A Var Korna

2nd Louis Jebson     Harley

Sanderson Green Puissance

A big class of the day saw 7 starters take on the wall.  A good crowd giving all the competitors a great welcome to the ring.  Round 1 saw two combinations stop at the 1.05m wall and get eliminated.  The remaining 5 progressed to round 2, the wall now standing at 1.20m.  All 5 clearing round 2 with no problems.  Round 3, the wall was now standing at 1.36m and saw Sasha Munroe Seers getting knocked out just with a little clip on the top brick.  The remaining 4 progressing another round. Round 4 saw a couple of riders clip the wall but it stayed up with all 4 progressing to round 5.


Joss Williams riding Kwantos van het Mierhoff. This was their first puissance and just got a little keen and slid the top block off.

Piers Warmoth was riding Le’spirit and it was the first time this combination has taken on the wall.  They cleared the wall easily in front and just with a clipped with a back leg, knocking the combination out the competition.

Katelin Fisher was riding Carlos.  Katelin has a very exciting technique over the wall and a real crowd pleaser.  Carlos jumped the warm up fence well turned to the wall pricked his ears and flew it with ease. 

Joss Williams riding Louis last to go.  It is this horses first puissance.  Joss having a lot of experience jumping Puissance’ really showed in this class on a young horse.  A calm collected approached saw Louis throw a huge jump in to take the Joint win with Carlos,  sharing the massive prize fund.

1st Katelin Fisher       Carlos

1st Joss William         Louis

3rd Piers Warmoth     Le’spirit

3rd Joss Williams       Van het Mierehoff

Photo courtesy of Macauley Bowers Photography

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