Why should linseed oil be a part of daily feed?

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Linseed 6 1 750x440 - Why should linseed oil be a part of daily feed?

Linseed 8 1 150x100 - Why should linseed oil be a part of daily feed?As we are told day after day, having a healthy nutritious diet is an important part of life for us, so why should this be any different for our horses? Studies have shown that cereal and forage diets only include around 2-5% fat, mostly made up of omega 6 fatty acids. Recent research has shown how higher levels of omega 3 fatty acids can improve immune function, protect joints and ligaments and support gastrointestinal function when added to horse feed. As linseed oil contains the highest level of omega 3 fatty acids present in any oil it makes a great supplement to add to daily feed.

Linseed 6 1 200x300 - Why should linseed oil be a part of daily feed?

Another huge benefit of using linseed oil as a feed supplement, is the improvements it can make to skin and coat condition. Countless reports show that after using linseed oil, coats have a glossy and healthy appearance. Whether you are preparing your horse for a show or simply want to maintain a healthy coat, using this oil can achieve consistent results and represents real value for money.

New to the market from Equine Oil Supplies is linseed oil, which has been very well received since launch. Carolyn Dixon, horse owner, recently used this product on her horse, Watson. Carolyn said “shortly following Watson’s box rest, I introduced Linseed Oil to his daily feed and the results have been very impressive. Not only have I seen his overall health improve, but his coat condition is better than ever before.”

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