Wheel in the electric barrows

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EPS wheelbarrows2 - Wheel in the electric barrows

Electric Powered Solutions offer a range of battery powered wheelbarrows, suitable for hire and ideal for building and construction,EPS Hobby landscape, gardening and equestrian use. The Hobby, although the smallest of the range, has a surprisingly high performance, allowing six hours of work on one charge. It’s suited to work on small construction sites and can be used on scaffolding and for any work where loads are up to 200kg. It comes with a key for easy start up and twist and grip to adjust forward and reverse speed and there’s a dead man’s lever for safety. Powered by a 300W motor with an electromagnetic brake it can work on slopes up to 20° when the barrow is fully loaded. Equipped with an external plug for easy charging, the Hobby is easy to manoeuvre and very sturdy thanks to the steel chassis and powder coated exterior paint.EPS !

The EPS Professional electric wheelbarrow is designed to work with loads up to 400g and is well balanced between the load and the wheels. The motor is 600W with electromagnetic brake that automatically engages when the power is turned off. It shares the same operating controls with the smaller Hobby, with a red safety dead man’s lever, electronic button for forward and reverse speed and adjustable speed via a twist grip. The gear train is in a sealed oil bath, eliminating maintenance, and the electric control unit is encased to allow cleaning without causing short circuits. The tilting system of the skip allows accessories to be interchanged quickly and easily. All EPS vehicles are made in Europe with high quality materials, guaranteed and CEN certified following the European Normative. www.electricpoweredsolutions.co.uk or call 05600 759558.

EPS wheelbarrows2EPS

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