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Winergy Logo - WE helps maximise muscle function and performance

Winergy LogoCompetition horses need healthy muscles to help them perform at their best. Choosing the right diet will not only keep muscles in optimal condition but can also help to limit the likelihood of muscular disorders such as tying up and WINERGY Equilibrium® can help. Research indicates that energy supplied from fibre and oil, rather than starch and sugar, may be one of the most effective ways to maintain muscle function.
As horses get fitter they need to build new muscle and repair any muscle damage incurred during training. To do this efficiently they need a diet that provides essential amino acids from high quality protein sources such as soya. The strain of training and competing can also contribute to muscular disorders such as tying up, otherwise known as Equine Rhabdomyolysis Syndrome (ERS). In studies 55% of racing yards and 14% of eventers reported at least one confirmed case during the course of a year but correct nutritional management can help to reduce the risk.
Cereal-based compounds and limited fibre intakes have been seen to be associated with ERS. Starch can also encourage excitability and nervousness, which may also contribute to an episode. For horses prone to muscle problems it is safer to choose feeds that provide energy from fibre and oil. Antioxidant nutrients, particularly vitamin E and selenium are also important. They play a role in quenching free-radicals, which are the ‘toxic waste’ of metabolism in muscle cells. Free radical production naturally increases with exercise which means antioxidant requirements also increase.
Hannah Briars, WINERGY® nutritionist, said: “Whatever the discipline, the performance horse is a finely tuned athlete. It’s crucial to provide the right diet and the right exercise so that he can develop the muscle strength and stamina he needs to succeed in competition.”
WINERGY Equilibrium® Medium Energy and High Energy are high in fibre and low in starch. They both contain high quality protein sources and balanced amounts of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin E and selenium, to support optimal muscle health and minimise the risk of tying up.
WE and you keep your horse in great shape. Find out more by calling 01908 576777, visiting www.winergy.com or www.facebook.com/winergyfeeds.

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