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HEDCAM WideIncreasingly riders hacking out are deemed to be a nuisance by drivers and are subjected to some appalling driving and terrifying experiences. There are horrendous stories abounding on website forums, with many drivers thinking they are quite within their rights to repeat their behaviour. Catching them has been the problem. It is difficult to memorise a make, model, colour and registration of a car whilst concentrating on keeping your horse under control and safe. Even if it is possible to remember all the details, then you have to get to the Police Station and report the incident and find that you need proof. A scenario of your word against theirs. And it remains unresolved with perhaps just stern words from the local policeman to the registered keeper of the vehicle, who will of course deny everything. And be angrier next time they encounter you on the roads.
There is a simple and inexpensive solution to this. HedCamz recently had a meeting with BHS Director of Access, Safety & Welfare Mark Weston and Sheila Hardy the BHS Senior Executive in the Safety Department and an avid campaigner for cyclists too. They met up with HedCamz Director Carl Long and commented on the huge value that this tiny camera has in the war against careless and dangerous driving. “HedCamz provides vulnerable riders with the ability to capture the incident on film, recording what is said, details, any offensive exchanges, engine noise and irrefutable ID of the car make, model and registration. This information can then be taken to the Police if needed and further action taken by them as necessary, perhaps even with the driver prosecuted.” This camera could save lives.
This unobtrusive, lightweight, thumb sized wearable camcorder provides a 135 degree recording angle to capture an incident. It is fully self contained with a built in battery that gives 1.5 to 2 hours of filming time in 720p HD mode. It takes MicroSD cards up to 32GB and hours of 720p video footage. The card is simply removed and the footage played back on a laptop.
It comes with a range of lightweight, close fitting, secure mounting options. These can be used on your helmet harness or fixing the HedCamz directly onto your helmet or bridle. It is so small and light at 32.5g you don’t know it is there and neither does your horse. It is impact resistant and encased in a lightweight rubber moulding, and waterproof to 10 metres and comes with a mains charger and a 4GB MicroSDHC card.
Unlike other cameras it is unobtrusive and requires no complicated fitting and securing.
This is the ideal recording tool and memory provider.
RRP: £149.99


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