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Clear Round 9.30-10.30am
Height approx. 65cm Entry fee £5

Class 1a: 70cm Ponies 10.30am start
Single phase Entry fee £10 Rosettes 1st-6th

Class 1b: 70cm Horses
Single phase Entry fee £10 Rosettes 1st-6th

Class 2a: 80cm Ponies
A7 (Amended) Entry fee £10 Rosettes 1st-6th

Class 2b: 80cm Horses
A7 (Amended) Entry fee £10 Rosettes 1st-6th

Class 3a: 90cm Ponies
Single phase Entry fee £10 Rosettes 1st-6th

Class 3b: 90cm Horses
Single phase Entry fee £10 Rosettes 1st-6th

Class 4a: 1.00m Ponies
A7 (Amended) Entry fee £10 Rosettes 1st-6th

Class 4b: 1.00m Horses
A7 (Amended) Entry fee £10 Rosettes 1st-6th

Entries on the day

League points awarded as follows: 1st – 12 points, 2nd – 10 points, 3rd – 8 points, 4th – 6 points, 5th – 4points, 6th – 3points. Three points will be allocated to all those who achieve double clears, those who are placed will receive an additional 3 points if they have jumped a double clear.

For any horse/rider, pony/rider combination without a registered result in British Show Jumping National Amateur 90cm, British Novice, Pony British Novice, Stepping Stones and above in the last 3 years. Adults are eligible to ride ponies. Unaffiliated competitors can compete without being a club member. Competitors can register as club members up to 7 days after the competition and regain points won.

ALL SHOW ENQUIRIES: 01964 553 087

1) All exhibitors and competitors are particularly advised to read these rules and conditions carefully. Entries will only be accepted and competitors allowed to compete on the clear understanding that they agree to comply with and be bound by these rules and conditions.
2) All owners and riders of horses competing in this show shall be deemed subject to the rules and regulations of the British Showjumping (obtainable from British Showjumping) All competitions will be judged under British Showjumping rules
3) Rule 82.21 No member shall allow a stallion for which he/she is responsible as owner, lessee, or authorised agent or rider to compete or be prepared to compete in any showjumping competition without taking adequate precautions to ensure that other members of the public are not put at risk of injury
4) No responsibility will be accepted by the organisers for anything that may happen to the competitors, onlookers or their property, servants or horses in connection with or arising out of these shows. It shall be considered a condition of entry that each entrant agrees to indemnify the promoters against any legal action arising there from.
5) The decision of the Judges will be final. If any person lodges an objection, such objection must be made in writing to the Secretary within 30 minutes of the incident, together with a deposit of £100, to be returned if the objection is upheld.
6) The organisers retain the right to refuse entry, or to amend the details of the Schedule if the instances of the programme require, and to cancel any class with insufficient entries, British Showjumping Rule 76.6 will be applied.
7) Failure to exhibit any animal entered will entail forfeiture of entry fees, other than in accordance with the British Showjumping Rules.
8) The organisers reserve the right to remove any vehicle or chattels which are obstructing any access to or on the showground even if locked, secured, unattended and braked and they will not be liable for any injury, loss, damage, etc.
9) The organisers reserve the right to exclude from the meeting or remove from the showground any person or property for any reason and without giving a reason.
10) All dogs must be kept on a lead at all times.
11) The organisers may in any dispute or any other matter act or decide in any manner they think fit.
12) No motorcycles of any description allowed on the showground.
13) Limited stabling available at £25 per night. No refund of stabling fees.
14) No mucking out in the lorry park
15) No unaccompanied horses tied in the lorry park

British Show Jumping Club Membership
• £30 online, £35 via British Show Jumping Office – combined horse and rider membership.
• For any horse rider combination without a registered result at Amateur 90cm, British Novice and above in the last 3 years.
• Classes and Regional Leagues at 70cm, 80cm, 90cm, 1.00m.
• Horses and Ponies to have separate leagues – separate Regional Leagues (8 Regions)
• Annual Regional Championships
• Leagues to run from June – May 31st each year.
• All results to be graded – full competition record.
• Club Membership includes two “National Tickets to Ride” allowing them to compete in two National classes per year to encourage progression to National Membership.
• Any age rider on ponies (adults eligible to ride ponies).
• Children can ride horses from the beginning of the calendar year in which the age of 12 is reached (FEI Rules).
• Horse/ pony can be registered with more than one Club member – results based on horse-rider combination.
• Club horse/pony can be registered as a National horse/pony simultaneously (providing they meet eligibility criteria).
• Horse/pony can only compete once in any class.

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