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training mirror - Training Mirrors

No-maintenance mirrors make it even easier!

Mirrors for Training’s arena mirrors now boast a wood-free, maintenance-free construction…providing riders with one more reason to buy from Mirrors for Training.

The Company’s arena mirrors are backed and framed with galvanised steel to remove the need for regular maintenance, and the worry of the mirrors degrading over the winter months.  Wood absorbs moisture, bends and warps when exposed to the elements if unprotected, and a warped surface doesn’t produce a crisp, clear reflection.  Using galvanised steel removes this issue, giving riders an even better image.

training mirror insert - Training Mirrors

“We are continually looking for ways to improve what we do,” says Andrea Miles from Mirrors for Training, “and we feel that looking at the materials we use to make our products is fundamental.  We use Pilkington opti-mirror that is safety backed to British standards for the reflective surface of the mirrors, and we feel that the plastic coated galvanised steel back helps the mirror to perform to its full potential.  It also helps the mirrors to last longer, making them even better value for money.”

Mirrors for Training’s fixed Arena Mirrors retail at £330+VAT per 8ft x 4ft panel, with movable mirrors (supplied with stand) costing £470+VAT per 8ft x 4ft mirror.

For more information on moveable arena mirrors of Mirrors for Training, see, email or call 01902 791207.

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