Top Tips for Surviving the Winter with Supreme Products

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Here we get top tips on surviving the winter from Supreme Products sponsored riders and producers Nigel Hollings, Katy Carter, Sarah Emmerson and Hannah Esberger-Shepherd.
I don’t like to bath my horse all the time during the cold winter months but he is grey and can sometimes get stable stains, what can I do to keep him clean?

Sally Wade, North Yorkshire.
Nigel Hollings 225x300 - Top Tips for Surviving the Winter with Supreme ProductsNigel Hollings answers:
There are many ways to try and keep your horse clean and tidy throughout winter.
Rugging up will obviously help to keep him clean and looking in good condition. You could also use a Supreme Products Body Wrap to provide that extra layer whilst keeping your horse free from any rug rubs. The Body Wrap helps to keep the coat looking fabulous weather clipped or unclipped during the colder months.
If your horse gets a stable stain use Supreme Products Stain Remover Spray immediately to lift the stain rather than leaving it for a few days. This can provide a quick and efficient way to remove the stain before it becomes established.
In situations where the stain is older you may have to bath your horse especially if you have a show to go to. Use Supreme Products Stain Remover Shampoo which is excellent on very stubborn stains. The shampoo should be lathered up and allowed to sink in to the coat for a few minutes if possible, before rinsing.
When it comes to show preparation Supreme Products Leg & Body Whitener will allow you to prepare his legs the day before, by mixing in to a paste and bandaging up overnight. This produces a brilliant white finish. Supreme Products Blue Rinse or Blue Tint are brilliant for a quick rinse to really enhance colour. If you get to the show and find a stain has arrived overnight, don’t despair as Supreme Products Cover Magic White will cover yellow stains whether in the tail or on the body.
How can I make winter grooming a little less tedious and give myself more time to ride? Mike Green, Leicestershire.
Kate Carter 031 199x300 - Top Tips for Surviving the Winter with Supreme Products Katy Carter answers:
The best thing to do is to get in to a routine and stick to it. Regular grooming will help keep your horse more manageable over the winter and keep him looking presentable, giving you more time to do the things you enjoy.
Whilst out in the field make sure he is rugged up, this will keep the majority of mud off his coat and keep him warm and dry.
I like to continue using Supreme Products Detangle & Shine in the mane and tail as it helps keep them manageable and minimises the amount of mud that gets stuck and tangled in the mane and tail.
Using a topical barrier such as Supreme Products Leg & Mud Guard can help provide extra protection to minimise the amount of mud sticking to the hairs on the legs.
It may be necessary to wash down the legs if your horse has been out in the field. Supreme Products Medicated Shampoo is especially useful in the winter when mud fever can strike.
I have an older horse that I would like to make sure is fit and comfortable throughout the colder months can you help? Amanda Lear, Southampton.
Hannah Body Wrap1 228x300 - Top Tips for Surviving the Winter with Supreme Products Hannah Esberger-Shepherd answers:
It is inevitable that some horses and ponies will spend more time in their stable during the winter months.
One way to keep them relaxed and contented is to give them a daily massage and Supreme Products Glucosamine Massage Cream can also offer a helping hand for stiff, tired joints and muscles.
Massaging the cream on twice daily into joints and muscles will help to ease soreness and stiffness, especially after work.
It is also ideal for older horses and ponies that experience joint and muscle problems due to wear and tear.
For those needing a lot of working in before a competition or animals that are required to do a lot of roadwork the massage cream will also prove very beneficial.
Towards the end of last winter I found my horse coming in from the field wet in places where the rain had gone through his rug. I don’t really want to buy a new one, can you help? John Samuels, Scotland.
Team Emmersons 225 199x300 - Top Tips for Surviving the Winter with Supreme ProductsSarah Emmerson answers:
For rugs to last a few seasons, it is important to keep them well maintained, washed and repaired if they do become torn or ripped in the field.
Supreme Products Rug Proof is essential for all horse and pony owners to help ensure outdoor rugs, jackets and rainsheets are waterproof.
Being soaked through to the skin is unpleasant for everyone but with Supreme Products Rug Proof you can now start the winter fully prepared with both you and your horse armed to stay dry whatever the weather.
Supreme Products are available through stockists nationwide. For further information please contact Supreme Products on 01377 229050 or visit

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