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Thistledown Stud Gets The Alfalfa Advantage!

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Alfalfa HorseHage 750x426 - Thistledown Stud Gets The Alfalfa Advantage!

Alfalfa HorseHage 253x300 - Thistledown Stud Gets The Alfalfa Advantage!The Thistledown Stud, well-known in showing circles for its hugely successful pure Welsh ponies, feeds Alfalfa HorseHage to all its brood mares and has seen great results both in the condition of the ponies and the savings it has made.

Said Sandy Anderson, owner of Thistledown, “We currently have around 300 pure Welsh ponies and around 70 of them are brood mares which are fed solely on Alfalfa HorseHage.”

“The high nutrient content of Alfalfa HorseHage ensures the mares’ protein levels are kept up and we have found that we no longer need to feed hard rations alongside as the Alfalfa HorseHage is providing all their dietary requirements. The ponies seem to really like it, even though they had never had alfalfa before. We feed it to them out in the fields and there is no wastage.”

“The fact that it is not dusty is also of great benefit as a dust-free forage helps to prevent respiratory problems from developing.”

Alfalfa HorseHage is made purely from British-grown alfalfa, which is a legume, from the same family as peas and beans. It has higher levels of protein, digestible fibre, energy, calcium and vitamins than grass. The protein content has the optimum balance of amino acids and lysine, which are especially important for growth, pregnancy and milk production. The high nutrient levels also make it suitable for horses in hard work, endurance horses, show horses, poor doers and veterans.

For further information contact the HorseHage Helpline on 01803 527257 or visit www.horsehage.co.uk

Thistledown My Fair Lady 300x281 - Thistledown Stud Gets The Alfalfa Advantage!

JSW Banner 01 12 copy - Thistledown Stud Gets The Alfalfa Advantage!
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