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The Possmere Story

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possum baby nov 11 150x150 - The Possmere StoryThe Australian Brushtail Possum was originally introduced to New Zealand in 1837. Several more releases followed from 1840 – 1875 with the idea of establishing a fur trade. With no natural predators the possum settled into the New Zealand bush with enthusiasm, enjoying such a phenomenal population explosion that, 150 years on, all over New Zealand, the devastating effects of the burgeoning possum population were everywhere. The landscape was, quite literally, being eaten before our eyes.

The New Zealand Government now spends approximately 100 million dollars each year on the control of the 70 – 90 million possums who consume our forests at a rate of 22,000 tonnes every night. The WWF recognises that numbers must be controlled.

In the early 1990’s the New Zealand Wool Board worked with a number of yarn manufacturers endeavouring to put the possums to good use by spinning the luxurious fur into some kind of yarn.

The early years were ones of experimentation. What ratio of possum fibre to use? What other fibres to mix it with? Would it shrink? Would it shed? Would it be longwearing? Gradually a yarn began to emerge and with trial and error, each problem was addressed and solved.

By 1994, it was determined by the most reputable manufacturers that the winning yarn formula was 40% Possum fibre, 50% Merino wool and 10% nylon.

Possmere 2 150x150 - The Possmere StoryGarments were knitted and went on sale in tourist shops across the country and the public agreed that here was something special. The possum yarn industry was born.

In 2011, Jo Cheifetz, owner of Luxury New Zealand Original Knitwear Ltd, worked with the New Zealand Trade and Enterprise in London to identify and establish relationships with New Zealand’s foremost Possum/Merino manufacturers for her new brand Possmere. The most knowledgeable, experienced, ethical, reputable and world class manufacturers were found to ensure that each piece is crafted for discerning customers who appreciate luxurious quality combined with hardwearing practicality.

While Luxury New Zealand Original Knitwear Ltd develops and reaches to international markets, the fundamental approach never changes. We work only with manufacturers who use only the finest Possum fur and Superfine Merino wool and with uncompromising standards of design and manufacturer aim to produce products of supreme quality.

Unique to New Zealand, Possmere is now available to the world! www.possmere.co.uk

What do customers say about Possmere?
After only a few months of going live www.possmere.co.uk has attracted many favourable Customer Comments.

Superbly warm January 11, 2013
Reviewer: Sarah from Berkshire, United Kingdom
Superbly warm is the only way I can describe these socks!
Absolutely brilliant

Excellent service, and outstanding products December 15, 2013
Reviewer: James from Berwickshire United Kingdom
I received my items promptly, and in well protected packaging.
The items themselves (a zip jumper, socks, a beanie and gloves) are in a class of their own.
Anybody who’s wearing one of these knows exactly what I’m talking about – these garments are super warm and super light.
No more layers, jumpers and body warmers. Just nice and light, comfortable and warm.
Many thanks!

Oh my… December 12, 2012
Reviewer: Sean from Wolverhampton United Kingdom
Pleasantly surprisingly warm is the only way to do these gloves justice.
Very snug and very warm. Love them.

Excellent item December 1, 2012
Reviewer: Natalie London United Kingdom
As the owner of many beanies, this new addition has really pleased me. The warmth this beanie provides is just brilliant – perfect for dog walking out in the cold evenings.
I also got the zip jumper, all made from the same material. It’s super light, and super warm.
This is good stuff indeed.

This is super warm October 26, 2012
Reviewer: Jose from Lancashire, United Kingdom
This is one of the items I have. They’re not kidding when they say extraordinarily warm!
I live in the grim north, and it gets cold here. I normally wear a jumper and a body warmer on top.
I can’t explain just how warm this jumper is, because there’s nothing I can compare it with.
Love the thought that’s gone into it too: the neck is slightly higher when the neck is zipped up than you normally get with jumpers, so your whole neck is lovely and warm, right up to your ear lobes.
This gets my full recommendation.

The wool itself October 10, 2012
Reviewer: Melissa Ferber from London, United Kingdom
I have never found a wool product that is so comfortable against my skin! Normally I cannot wear anything with wool….great product.

Really warm October 7, 2012
Reviewer: MC from Lndon United Kingdom
I discovered you at a Xmas fair last year and I bought a couple of pairs of socks (cabin mate and lifestyle) and I love them. The lifestyle socks are thin enough to wear with dress shoes, yet really warm and the thicker cabin mate ones are perfect for cold days outside. I also bought a sweater and a sweater vest, both of which are also fantastically lightweight and warm. This material is magic for the cold, damp, British climate.

Possmere Fine Stripe Beanie October 7, 2012
Reviewer: Christine from Glasgow
Bald from chemo I bought this beanie. Honestly it is fab – soooo soft and cosy. It’s the nicest hat I’ve ever had!


asset 728 90 - The Possmere Story
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