The Perfect Fit!

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3995 HPfront PB 640x426 - The Perfect Fit!

3995 HPfront PB 300x220 - The Perfect Fit!As we approach the autumn, it’s not un-usual for horses to start to change
shape and whilst a visit from your saddler is recommended, ‘filling the gap’ is
this gorgeous sheepskin and foam half pad from Fleeceworks.
The Fleeceworks Perfect Balance Half Pad exclusively from on-line retailer
Shadow Horse is styled in the finest Australian merino sheepskin, which is
not only super dense and soft, but also far more robust than lambskin and
superior in its breathability and overall performance.
The chemically untreated sheepskin is ideal for horses with sensitive skin and
is also cut shorter than most on the market, giving the shorter dense hair
incredible cushioning qualities, which also stops the sheepskin matting over
time. The thinner hind, which has been carefully tanned to lengthen and
enhance the life of the product further adds to this half pad’s appeal, allowing
for improved flexibility and breathable. The complete sheepskin coverage also
dispels any pressure points caused by gullet-free channel seaming.
This clever half pad also features built-in (but removable) high quality memory
foam pads in the front, which have the ability to compress evenly to the
desired amount, whilst offering excellent shock-absorbing qualities. This new
generation of foam is slim-lined and lightweight and because the foam inserts
are angled, they allow the saddle to stay at correct (wider) gullet fit, without
Full length and rear pads are also available to purchase separately, making
this pad the ideal choice for horse-owners looking for a cost effective solution
for growing youngsters, horses returning to work and for those animals which
change shape seasonally or those with muscle wastage.
RRP: £150.00 Black, White & Natural. Sizes M & L 01628 857 466

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