The Equifest Diaries….

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IMG 0720 750x440 - The Equifest Diaries....

   IMG 0720 150x100 - The Equifest Diaries....Our intrepid competitor has arrived… Equifest Day 1!

“So today the gates didn’t open till 2pm so there was no rush in what time we had to be there for. After final checks of the wagon and ponies loaded we were away. A straight three hour run meant we got to the East of England showground for 2.30 to arrive to what looked like our stables were flooded out and the ponies having to stay on the wagon an extra hour.

IMG 0717 225x300 - The Equifest Diaries.... IMG 0718 225x300 - The Equifest Diaries.... IMG 0719 225x300 - The Equifest Diaries....

Thank god for the show team being able to pump out the stables and we managed to get bedded down and sorted! They’ve worked hard to make the stables habitable.

We were very worried at the start as not sure how our pony ‘Pickles’ would be, but she walked straight into her stable and immediately started munching on her haynet.

Once the ponies were settled we headed down to the entries desk, 30 minutes later, all classes for tomorrow entered so it was back to the wagon to finish unpacking and time for a bbeer and chill.
9pm and final checks done, ponies settled, so time to kick the shoes off and chill out before a 6.30am start tomorrow.”

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