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Editors 1 500x440 - The Editors Picks This Week

Unico Spurs 300x250 - The Editors Picks This WeekU BLACK RIDER. 

The ULTIMATE in spurs, but not sure I’d ever let these spurs near a horse though!  U black have patented the U Black Alloy, it maintains the strength of metal but has all the allure of precious metals. You can make your choice from Gold, Rose Gold or White Gold in 9, 14 or 18 carat.

You can then add your choice of jewels be it diamonds, emeralds, rubies or sapphires or maybe something else? Perhaps with your initials, a family crest or your own logo – we are limited only by your desires.

The journey is simple and straight-forward but they pay attention to the smallest of details.  They sit down and work with you on your own individual and unique design.

You choose the model of spurs that you wish along with the type of finish you require.  They then build a 3D image of the spurs that are a reflection your size and your chosen finishes which can continue to be modified to your whim.  Once you are delighted with your creation, they build a wax model of the spurs for your final approval.  

Once given, the skilled Italian Artisans, Craftsmen and women set to work creating your unique spurs.  Uniquely designed and fabricated for you in around 2 months, these will cost you anything from £6,750

small flake shavings p12580 55712 image 300x300 - The Editors Picks This WeekSMALL FLAKE WOOD SHAVINGS

We’ve tried and used a vast array of bedding over the years but I had to dash into our local store a few weeks’ ago and buy a couple of bales. 

I’d never this product before and decided to give it a go and I’m so glad I did, so much so, that we’ve got three horses on it now and it it suiting us brilliantly. 

The bags are so incredibly compact and yet I can carry them which is no mean feat with short arms but when you open the bale out and start to put it down it just goes on and on, such good value.  AW Jenkinson Small Flake Shavings is made from a range of coniferous softwood, predominantly spruce.

The small flake, makes this bedding ideal for equestrian use as well as for other animals and poultry.  You would need to ask your local stockist if you’ve not seen it before but I can seriously recommend giving it a go, you won’t be disappointed.


9780995465206 196x300 - The Editors Picks This WeekLEGEND..a true story by Elizabeth Spencer. 

If you love showing, and in particular true stories around Horse of the Year Show, this is the ideal book to read or give as a gift. 

During WWII, Elizabeth Spencer went to live with her Granny and Gramps in Devon. Elizabeth’s grandmother, Mrs Ruth Howard, was a show producer and despite only being five years old, Elizabeth immediately fell in love with three year old colt ‘Legend’ whose grand sire was the well renowned show pony ‘Love Song’ belonging to Mrs Muntz of the Foxhams’ stud.

By the time Elizabeth was seven years old she and Legend had become champions at the RIHS going on to win the Rawnsley Cup three years running and returning to the show ring to win the Pony Championship at the first ever HOYS in 1948.

This beautifully produced book tells Elizabeth and Legend’s story in her words, with the addition of illustrations by Elizabeth, now Lady Kitson OBE DL member of the Society of Equestrian Artists.

To order your copy, go to www.forelock-books and all good bookshops.


FourH London Spice 1 300x200 - The Editors Picks This WeekFourH

Now we all love a handbag, well I do!  This is a wonderful country bag, ideal for your horsey days out but it would look just at home in the City to be honest. 

Combine heritage and serious style with the signature tote bags from luxury brand FourH, crafted from Harris Tweed and the softest genuine leather

Luxury British accessories brand FourH is delighted to introduce its signature Tote Bags in three stunning colourways for 2018, all carefully chosen to evoke the colours of the Scottish Highlands and perfect for injecting some countryside elegance into any outfit. FourH combine heritage and style to create seriously desirable accessories for the countryside and horsey lady.

All FourH’s handbags and clutches are individually handcrafted from premium-quality Italian leather and heritage favourite Harris Tweed, and in the Tote Bag, customers can choose from London Spice, Silk Auburn or Ebony and Ivory (all £249.99 each, depending on their personal style. The tote bags are spacious and lightweight, lending plenty of room for all the handbag essentials without feeling bulky and heavy.

The bag shown here is the London Spice colour, which celebrates the classic combination of soft tan leather with beautiful traditional moss-coloured Harris Tweed, shot through with subtle orange and blue checks. Perfect paired with tan leather boots for the iconic town and country look!


Haygain Forager 267x300 - The Editors Picks This WeekHAYGAIN FORAGER SLOW FEEDER

I’m very keen on trying to make sure our horses eat well, and endeavouring to have no mess or wastage, so  Iwas intrigued by this product which has had a tweak to the design to add some improvements to the overall experience.

The Forager slow feeder from Haygain is the natural way to slow the pace a horse eats, reducing the risk of colic, gastric ulcers, obesity and laminitis. It’s design imitates the natural grazing behaviour, slowing the pace the horse eats so there is always forage in the stomach. This creates a protective forage buffer mat which in turn prevents stomach acid splashing and causing gastric ulcers. The Regulator Grid ensures smaller mouthfuls of forage, therefore increased amounts of time chewing, maintaining the continual flow of saliva acting as a natural buffer to stomach acid. Its design is user friendly and saves valuable time and forage when fed in the stable. A reduction in the cross contamination of forage and bedding has been noted. Finally it’s easy to clean, pack flat and travel so can alleviate stable boredom when at home and away. 

Haygain offer free delivery, 30 day returns policy and the option to pay in 6 easy monthly instalments.

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